Zhiyun Crane M2 Review

Zhiyun Crane M2 Review


This is the smallest gimbal I’ve had but how does it compare to its bigger brother the Crane 2?

The TLDR version is: if you know you’re only using a light mirrorless camera (Sony A6xxx for example) and/or your phone–this is perfect. If you’re like me and wanted to see how it would do with the A7III and 28mm lens that barely fits, do watch at 1:04 mark for a sample. In short, it gimbals the way you think it should–if you’re familiar with Zhiyun’s PF, L, and POV modes it can work fine. Just don’t expect it to be as smooth as the Crane 2 [or its other competitors like the Ronin S/C] and for sure don’t expect to roll your camera with the M2.

And don’t even think about putting a proper cinema camera on this.

For the traveler, vlogger, or event videographer who just needs a few shots on the gimbal (10% of your total sizzle reel), this fits the bill.If you’re planning on using the gimbal all day, its built in battery lasts up to 7 hours and charges via USB C.

You can buy the Zhiyun Crane M2 here:

(non-affiliate link but I will disclose that FotoPal sent me a unit to review)

Filmed primarily on the RX10II.

source: https://chicagorussianriders.com

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  1. OTORi

    Liked. Good man.

  2. WestHam66

    Great overview of this cool gimbal. Does anyone know if it will work with all functions on my Sony NEX-5R and my Samsung A7 2018 phone?

  3. Pan Pulkownik

    I LIKE your review! I'm interested in this gimbal and am going to buy it. I'd like to use it with my reasonably small and lightweight
    Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ82 (LUMIX DC VARIO Lens), but it's not on the list of supported cameras. I suspect the reason is the size of the lens (at 120x zoom mode) and the corresponding balancing restrictions. Could you answer to my question? Or what kind of gimbal would you recommend for this camera? Thanks in advance, I look forward to your opinion


    thanks for the video! very informative and helpful!

  5. John Smalldridge

    Would have liked more examples of video shot with this combo.

  6. Roberto Binetti

    Thanks great work

  7. Dhruv Manoj

    Can I use Panasonic G85 with kit lens with M2


    Amazing Gimbal! Really convenient for me. Check this corporate event video I made using this zhiyuncranem2 mounting my sonyA6400 with 30mmf1.4 lens and GoproHero7 :)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-PMsP9mHsw

  9. Syapran blues FiX film

    can you help me I use Zhiyun M2 with Lumix G85. My masala Zhiyun M2 can't rotate 360 ​​° please give me the solution thank you

  10. Jason Blankenship

    Is the battery replacable if it goes out? I know its internal but still does zhiyune offer a way to replace it?

  11. One traveler

    Hi work nikon d3400???

  12. Jason Loria

    hi, will it work with fujifilm xt3 with 18-55 lens?

  13. Kodai Wada

    Can we use a6500 with 18-105mm lens with Crame M2 ?

  14. Chris Parayno

    does this have a USB port at the top motor (like the old cranes), so you can hook up the camera via USB to charge. I'm running a sony rx100 and the battery life is pretty atrocious.

  15. kRx md

    Why are you comparing the Crane M2 with the Crane 2?For size maybe. But for the other parameters, it is more meaningful comparing the M2 to the M1.

  16. Dan Pandrea

    So far this gimbal tops the Christmas gift list. The only competition it has (that I know of) is the FeiyuTech G6 Plus. Unfortunately the G6 Plus’ software isn’t great so I’d really like to know if you tested the zoom control on the M2.

  17. Bang.Photo

    Great vid and voice for explaining. Keep up the good work.

  18. Julius Canonizado

    is that an iPhone x that you are comparing to? do you think this gimbal would fit in a peak design 5l sling?

  19. rrrjjj 05

    Finally someone who used a7iii with this gimbal…. hope you can do a running and walking test with a7iii and 28mm setup…. samyang 24mm 2.8 is lighter if you have that lens. Thanks!

  20. Less Talk, More Delicious

    Any walking/jogging video samples with this M2/A7iii/28mm set up?

  21. Selcuk Ünlütürk

    Can I use Nikon D5200 with m2?

  22. Thomas Wagner

    I use this new gimbal with my Canon M50 , GoPro 7 Black and my old action camera Sony X3000 and it works just fine. I used Canon pancake 22mm lens , 11-22mm ( Vlogging ) , LensKit 15-45mm and 10-18mm ( Vlogging ) . OK!

  23. Sound4Label

    thanks for your video, I'm curious to know if my Fuji XT30 + 16mm 1.4 will fit (without eye finder touching the back motor). Your setup 28mm+A73 is 13,4cm long. Mine is 12cm (total weight of 758 grammes), do you think it could be ok after balancing ? Thanks 🙂

  24. TheJigFreak

    thanx for the review… could you link the m2 with the sony via wifi? ie- record from the gimbal start/stop record button? cheers

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