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ZHIYUN Crane M2 | Panasonic G85 | Test footage and limits review

-ZHIYUN Crane M2
-Summilux Leica 15mm f1.7
-My Onewheel+ 🙂

I use the new ZHIYUN Crane M2 gimbal with my Panasonic G85.

The weight is OK for the gimbal but it’s the G85 is a little to big, not easy to balance (but not impossible) and VORTEX mode is unusable and PF mode limited by the viewfinder who touch the rear motor.

Still a perfect light setup for travels, the motor torque work great and GO mode and POV mode works perfectly.

Wifi connection from G85 to gimbal also works without any issue.


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  1. Jeff Requina - #WeDontStop

    Bro whats the overall weight in your g85 including the lens used in this video? Have tried going beyond limit if it can still handle?

    My go to setup is g85 + sigma 16mm 1.4 which i might use in this gimbal

  2. Wiz Rom

    Just a question; how much does the camera+lens weigh? I'm thinking of getting this gimbal but my camera is just over the 720g limit. Thanks!

  3. Gabriele Ferrante

    if you mount a heavier lens maybe you can mount the body without the plate? G80/G85 is perfect to test the limits of this gimbal, maybe they says 1.58lb/720gr so they can sell the big brothers a 500€/$

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