yasuo vs master yi


  1. Dwilly Shooter

    I like Master yi healing

  2. voxter

    Nerf yasuo for cheats

  3. Anime Lover

    how can you do a animation tell me pls

  4. eco nomic-X

    Master yi's face is creepy

  5. EGGNO

    1:10 had me dead laughing XD

  6. Iin Aryanti


  7. Monayskiie

    I vote yasuo

  8. jason dads

    don't steal videos

  9. Karbin Pillow

    1:41 is the coolest I’ve ever seen xD

  10. Urzampulauburu 2017

    Well this stickman like league of stickman you cant se the game from play store

  11. Vincent Cendana

    I vote master yi

  12. Martin Asenov


  13. TheJhin El Virtuoso

    COPYRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOJO

  14. Who Knows

    Why isn’t the title Yi vs yasuo vs irelia vs riven vs tentacles vs gangplank vs Annie vs gragas vs jhin vs Caitlyn vs space balls?



  16. Xx DERP xX

    WTF u do not have copyright to this I'm going to report you

  17. Ronaldo Imran

    this is bronze video 😀

  18. Ķąņľì Áý Ýáśųò


  19. 펑푸왁팟츚팟


  20. Weirdo Friendskiers KKpoppop

    This video is stolen

  21. Elite Huso

    You stole this from hyun's dojo

  22. Karla Nuñez

    Faltó miss fortune

  23. Sonic232GT

    The Video Was Made By Hyun Dojo c:

  24. Renz Clarence

    that is good

  25. Jonatas Costa Leal Dos Santos

    3:48 kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  26. jay roa Gutang

    pasib ni yi yong ss

  27. jay roa Gutang

    wow galing ni yas

  28. QuAkEnTe YT


  29. orca 99

    I love it

  30. Lolo Lola

    please make more!!!

  31. lekuz lekuz

    800 k yasuo vs 500 k master yi

  32. Alucard mito

    E simples mais é muito bem feito

  33. Hsr

    excelente animacion la mejor que he visto like

  34. C9 Yasuo

    The best thing i ever saw in my life

  35. Kisame 2201


  36. the memes

    why is gragas naked?!? 😂

  37. Shrooblord

    Oh my god this was so good! Why have I only now found this?? Great animation dude. Love the humour. All of them accurate ;D

  38. AkosiMarkie


  39. John Steven

    You stole his vid

  40. Aatrox main

    Master Yi is newbie version of yasuo, with 1 star difficulty : D

  41. Edu AN

    Roubo de arte alheia

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