YASSUO Yasuo MID – Yasuo vs Master Yi Stream 9.16 Gameplay Season 9


  1. khaled messaoudi

    love yu yasuo

  2. khaled messaoudi

    good skins

  3. Momenletsplays

    Are you arab you seem to be arab

  4. Tâm lee

    Phải nói là đéo bằng đồng 5 1 phần

  5. Marcos Sousa

    da pra por legendas não?

  6. CNT Drake

    How cute this master yi is 🤣

  7. Kiên Ngọc

    Cái sv gà.vcl

  8. Yandry Chumo

    Eres un pro bro adoptame

  9. Minh Tuấn Lưu

    Ys is overpower than Yi :)))

  10. Matheo Guerrero

    Aprendí a mainear yasuo gracias a yasuo legends

  11. O pro gamer

    Nice recall 9:55 😂😂😂 LL yassuo

  12. Mohammed Kamal Alsyd

    Anyone can fck yi not hard

  13. ELDOS_ Pro

    This game ranked or normal?

  14. ML Music


  15. Marcus Selke

    First like

  16. Marcus Selke


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