World War Z Review

World War Z Review

World War Z reviewed on PC by Michael Koczwara.

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  1. Captain Fang67

    I got pretty bored around the Japan episode. I would’ve like something other than, kill zombies, reach objective, defend. Rinse and repeat,

  2. joseph fletcher

    Left for dead gave me headaches and motion sickness.

  3. Jeffrey Lieberman

    Co-op, that's why I've never heard of it.

  4. Isaiah Brown

    Anyone where is this game at on PC? I've typed up the title and cant find it


    Basically Left 4 Dead on PS4

  6. Night Seeker

    Its 9.99$ now guys!

  7. Shawn Holder

    this guy didn’t even discuss the multiplayer modes whatsoever. terrible reviewer

  8. felix lehnh

    IGN didn't mention starting price was like 40$, for a brand new game, didn't mention character back stories, and didn't really shed light on the harder difficulties which require a lot of team work. Maybe because they didn't try them. I highly recommend this game.

  9. liam brazy

    This game was better to me thn days gone

  10. Roman Vargas


  11. RainbowDash19997 -

    They gave mass effect andromeda a higher rating, what the hell!

  12. J.j 2-ClassyVEVO

    The game should of been 1st person 🙄 & they had to of known that when they were making it because the controls are too choppy for such a chaotic game. I think they made it 3rd person to try & be a little different from l4d

  13. Nathan Sharer

    Got this game for 27 bucks through the e3 sale, worth every penny of it👍

  14. jitzmaster

    just a watered down left 4 dead.

  15. YungChip030

    So it’s co op only?

  16. Jefe

    Why won't Valve come out with L4D3? Are they afraid of my money?

  17. fred flint michigan

    I love the arcade vibe but I wish this was a first person shooter cus when you make a first person shooter the right way it feels more VR like and just more epic in my opinion

  18. Trell Watson

    For those who may not know, the masking grenades on this game aren't meant for the zombies, they're meant for you and your teammates. Throw down the grenade, walk though the blue cloud and it'll make you hidden to zombies. You don't have to stay where the grenade was thrown. You'll be free to roam undetected. You'll know you can't be seen because your screen will be all blue and the zombies won't attack. Once it wears off, it's back to normal obviously. These grenades can be used to escape a crazy swarm or to take out as many zombies as you can before it wears off. I admit, for the first few weeks of having the game, I was using it wrong as well and thinking the grenade would make zombies pass out but it does nothing to them, trust me. The reason I'm sharing this on here is because I keep seeing people misusing it. They can really come in handy when you use them right. I play on PC so hopefully my PC players are reading this as well 🙂

  19. Nadav ALON

    Can you play solo?

  20. SilentAssassin01234

    What is the player base like?

  21. Superior Saiyan

    "It's a blast to use!" Hehe….I see what you did there. 😉

  22. andrew ruiz

    It just reminds me of left 4 deadp

  23. Jason DeGraw

    Yay left4dead 3

  24. Jesper Kemiläinen

    Where is l4d3 =( Great vid ty IGN ☆☆
    Peace from sweden 🤙🤙🤟

  25. Aquaticspastic P

    this game looks tedious

  26. Bolek Lolek

    Gonna buy it on sale, for now I am gonna fullfil my L4D hunger with Earthfall,

  27. Victorious Criminal



  28. Hey

    this should be an 8/10 game, it’s a brilliantly made game, it’s fun, the asking price is only £30, and their dlc is free

  29. Golden Holden

    Moss cow

  30. Wee Wee

    Gameplay is awesome, the character I found lacking(except for the Russians, I liked them)


    Just get vermintide 2

  32. Snoozecoop™

    Get this game guys currently at $7.99 now! at EPIC GAME STORE!

  33. Time Rider

    Is this Only online play?

  34. Michael Barger

    Dose this have single player

  35. Sean Sean

    I disliked the game so much. There’s no tutorials starting out in campaign mode, also too many zombies to face head on without knowing the controls of the game, and I think the game would’ve been better if it had a story line starting out

  36. EvanSmith1000


  37. Abraham Leyja

    Game is garbage

  38. makememad67

    Reviews from these companies nowadays are so focused on trying to make their script sound like a poem. Simply and casually review the game just like you're telling a friend about it. If I wanted a poem I'd go to a coffee shop. This video sounds like my 8th grade attempt at a college paper

  39. Pisces Guy JF

    I'll never listen to ign reviews again I bought WWZ and Days gone played both yet I liked Day's gone much much more and I didn't like WWZ but it got the higher rating….proof that it's all just people's opinion.

  40. whos this

    I hope they actually play the game instead of randomly giving ratings n comments

  41. NewEra314

    Any body hear about the fuckin dlc yet!!!!! I'm getting inpatient

  42. Eleasar Reyes


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