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Woman removed nipples so she can post breast on Instagram 😂


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  1. Justina Hamilton

    Ladies – stop it , just stop it! Wtf is going on ? This is some mental illness right here- no right person would do such a thing

  2. Deedee Modesty

    This is dumb af if she don't get some pasties shiid they come in white already. Wtf she gon do when her dude wanna suck her titties?

  3. NegroDeSangue

    What can we expect? Men can become women and crap. MTF trans are getting pregnancy tests and women are cutting their nipples off. Welcome to the wonderful world of the craziea.

  4. Nephew Hill

    Every day women are getting dumb and dumber, fake lips, tits, asses, removing ribs for smaller waist, nipping and tucking everything now this stupid shit.

  5. Ricardo LaCue

    😂😂😂😂. Might as well remove the belly button too. Shyyyyyyt Ill just velcro some nipples on her from a bottle and keep it moving.

  6. JuaNoLoSoLoDoLo D

    That is horrible, I read the post super wrong. I must be dyslexic and on another level I thought it said “woman removes baby from nipple to show her breast.” (Because I saw the confused baby) gaaah dang!! 🤭🤢🤮

  7. Cii 'Em

    Am I the only one wondering how did they get so smooth? Like there's no scarring or anything. Stupidity just fascinates me sometimes.

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