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White House: Trump will not cooperate with impeachment probe

In a White House letter to congressional Democrats, President Trump’s lawyers said the President and his administration won’t cooperate in an ongoing impeachment inquiry because it will interfere with Presidential responsibilities.


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  1. Mark Marsh

    David Cicilline is an EXCELLENT Public Speaker, super-intelligent, clear as a bell. …. but I've never SEEN HIM BEFORE. … The Democrats have NO IDEA how to use an Asset or even WHO THE HELL their Assets are.

  2. B.T.

    CNN: "100% collusion-evidence in Mueller report"…
    CNN: "Biden didn't put pressure on the Ukraine to remove the prosecutor who was investigating his son's corruption"…
    CNN: "Biden jr. got the 1.5 billion contract; his father's talks a week before had nothing to do with it; China never demands any expertise"…
    Craziest Collusion News Network

  3. Depcom

    He won't cooperate with impeachment but he will let members of Congress sniff his little fat orange hand after he fraps a woman in the pussy!

  4. Joe Doyle

    “Impeach 45”

    Impeach Trump Ringtone now available on iTunes

  5. Bauerbarian

    Trump has broken no laws so you cant impeach him, if I did exactly what the president did then i would not get in trouble why should he. I am laughing this is a joke it is like democrats hate this country and want to bring it down, not focusing on important things. Trump has done nothing but good i think democrats hate are country and can get out of the great place of America and is partly great because of Trump. Go Trump 2020!!!!!

  6. Ragin Reggin

    I am going to take one for the team and titty fuck Nancy P reverse style so my nuts and asshole are rubbing across her mouth.

  7. Rob Lee

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔰☝2020!!!!!!!🔒 her up CNN fake news CNN is Isis the Democrats have nothing on this president except Nancy Pelosi big giant booger on her nose now she's down to 0% CNN fake news fake fake fake!!!!! Why don't you report illegal aliens criminals rapists and the crime that goes on in sanctuary cities and states and that's everyday how these people run down American citizens rape kill and don't see a day in prison they get deported back to their country two weeks later they're back in committing more crimes why don't you and the Democrats reporter on that CNN Democrat Party enemies of the American people good luck at the voting booth good luck CNN I hear your ratings are going down like a $5 prostitute all the way down Hahahahahalllolll Hahahahahalllolll Trump 20/20 all the way!!!!🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Jim Acosta you troll when the president tells you to shut up you put a sock in it you and your news media CNN are nothing but fake phony frogs lying to the American people mainstream media of Lies👈👅👎👎🇺🇸☝lloll

  8. B0omer96

    There is more evidence for investigating the Bidens than Trump. You guys are just still salty about 2016 and you want Trump out by any means even if he has done nothing wrong. You want to investigate? Fine, investigate them both and judge them by the same measure instead of this partisan enforcement of rules. Hillary got away with the e-mail scandal, you refuse to look at the Bidens, and Obama got away with the extra judicial killing of an American on foreign soil. You are hypocrites.

  9. Dan Willow

    Why should he? This is just non sense, non stop attacks since before he became president, all based on false or fabricated information. Time after time his attackers have been proven wrong, yet this Sh!t show continues from the left. Please vote to impeach so the truth about the dirty dems coup attempt can come out in court, before the people so they can see the treasonous acts by the dems and corrupt FBI officials.

  10. Debbie Richie

    When it's all over with we're all going to die becausehe's going to cause so much problems with the foreigners that they're going to Bahamas and we're all

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