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We Made Marvel R-Rated

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The Crew attempts to put their “R-rated” spin on some of Marvel’s juiciest action scenes!

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  1. Monkeysrock

    Thinking about it, there probably shouldn't be as many screams and voice lines. Most of these soldiers would be dead when they're making sounds. Captain would have caved in his chest with the opening jump, so a whoosh of air and a cough but not a scream. Dude hitting the wall would have just stopped entirely. Scarlet basically eviscerates the guy with mojo so I would think he cant talk but honestly who knows its magic. Etc. Usually head, neck, or full torso injuries lead to no vocal capabilities.

    Separately, for the shield throws, I think the effect of the indoor throw was fantastic. I dont know if the shield would have enough momentum to cut through someone. Its notably light for its size (mentioned in first CA) and might have just gotten stuck, or maybe cut in and deflected out, leaving a gruesome gash.

    I only have the ability to pick at this because it was done in the first place. Thanks for the video, guys. I can bitch all I want but it was still good.

  2. oguzhan karaaagac

    very nice work guys but i belive @14:41 is something wrong… shouldnt there be blood next to the car.. ? ( from the guy who got "killed" by Wanda)

  3. Michael Resnick

    I know I am super late to the party, but what do you guys think of this, from The Expanse? Talk about trying to make realistic phyiscs!

  4. Tizian K.

    Hey that sponsor timer is some really great thing! Thank you! A good way to integrate a sponsor without annoying people and giving them the option of skipping it without problem. Thats genius!

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