1. 0grilo0

    really wish i could play dota in vr with the controlers…

  2. Hooter23

    Its a great demo…but the monster at the end should lift you up through hole in the roof…that would be cool

  3. Gian Escol

    0:48 Be Careful Bro xD-

  4. MonkeysMonkeys

    its the Bookanomakon from tf2

  5. ChemicalCunt

    This is htc vive ?

  6. Abdulrahman al-mathkour

    courier violence !!!!!

  7. Bobby Luo

    now we know where ice frog is hiding OSfrog Kappa

  8. sami hamouri

    wow you guys are noobs .. those "monsters" are called Smeevils and Drodos .. and the "Book" is called Necro 2. jesus..

  9. Jade Yang

    too cool


    when you use this in public.

  11. NurgleHugs

    Beat that lol

  12. Ian Deguma

    play dota 2 guys please

  13. nickssaa

    the book is the necronomicon

  14. nickssaa

    the book is the necronomicon

  15. Itzak


  16. CallsignKarma

    holy shit that just happened when the spider popped up on the video i felt something crawling in my shirt and it was a goddamn spider omg

  17. Sophia

    guys- go play dota

  18. Paul Omega

    I wouldnt be surprised if D played Dota2, its a skill and strat based game after all….of course RTS games like Starcraft is on another level.

  19. Idio

    Not an SAO fanboy… But im just waiting until we can control this stuff with our brain online!

  20. kuro senpai

    You guys make Gaben proud

  21. rune2bias

    yes you should play dota 2 😉

  22. mariolover30

    Hey what VR are they using??

  23. Tyler Cusson

    hey why you guys so rich i cant get anything you guys have

  24. dakius


  25. Anon Anonym

    как же это бл*дь круто…

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