VP Vega – Biggest Dire Comeback in Dota 2 History!


  1. Russo Vato

    CIS trash

  2. Pique

    my comeback arc warden in my chanel)

  3. SunlightGames

    commentary is the best makes everything so intense

  4. superstreet7

    i like this commentator

  5. Randy Silalahi


  6. awsomezhang

    Why does it look like Jakiro's ult is popped out of nowhere when Jakiro isn't even in the game? I know this is a replay bug, but what causes this bug? It's just a bit distracting.

  7. Gubna9_Sov4

    А как же момент, где Соло бегал на вражеских енчентов за драконом ?

  8. Ivan Garcia

    shouldve just kept right clicking ember at the end blade furry lost the game

  9. Russo Vato


  10. Jeffry Marwan

    0:57 that moment changed everything

  11. K B

    Wait nobody cares about ember getting 1000 last hits…meh not to rare I suppose…

  12. Rafael Francis escudero rondan

    No silent! :c

  13. Fatty BlackMan

    2:15 ROLF

  14. kevinjml

    thats what you call win-itis, they relaxed because they were on upperhand

  15. Andy Chan

    Fixed game? Wouldn't be surprised

  16. n00bie

    Virtus Throw

  17. Riccardo Tassara

    I love the live comment… 8:26 BOOM SHAKALAKA!

  18. Amzar

    It's all a matter of decision.. When the right decision comes to play. you get, GAMEPLAY

  19. 卢哲磊


  20. uLLu

    Virtus Poop is back?

  21. Iman Rakhimbekov

    what a teamwork

  22. Assen Black

    Why do they pick Furion if they cant play it. Feel sad about Silent, he doesnt deserve it.

  23. Ronald Allan Tanghal

    Fuck jugg no lifesteal

  24. The4unC

    продал бы бф купил бы рефреш да аганим, единственый шанс джаге

  25. Rhys D

    …i fucking hate ember spirit, buy rapier press w kill everyone.. oh im about to die press d im back in my fountain fuck that hero

  26. svannie_

    Ember balanced hero

  27. Lucas Araujo


  28. Steve Stev

    noob players stil im much beter

  29. Failing at Pessimism

    I know pidors when i see them.

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