Volcanoids 2019 – Steampunk Open World Survival Crafting Adventure!

Volcanoids 2019 – Steampunk Open World Survival Crafting Adventure!

Volcanoids Gameplay with Splattercat! Let’s Play Volcanoids and check out a game where you’ll build a drillship, dive down deep into the earth, and fight robots while crafting gear and surviving!

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  1. octalillusion

    most annoying video goes to…you!

  2. DailyFrankPeter

    Actually copper oxidation is less problematic than iron's or steel's, because of a protective layer of oxide which forms on the surface (called the patina). I believe the reason it's not used more widely used is it's price – it's rarer and harder to smelt.

  3. JD96893

    Copper doesn't oxidize that easily, they even use it for roofing sometimes(mostly rich people lol). That and you can obviously treat it.

  4. Ivan Emilov

    copper is one of the most corrosive resistant metals

  5. XxAim2KillxX Gaming

    Haha!!! Loved the Master Shredder joke It's exactly what I thought when I first saw this game and the new update!!! Man!! What happened too actual good cartoons now adays kids got trash for TV!

  6. TweEkc

    Dude! I loved 1408. Such a trip. So many great parts in it. Watched it again a few years later at home and it wasn't as impactful but i love that shit

  7. jedichris85

    I’m loving the new story elements added to the game and they’ve cleaned up the graphics some, but it still looks like ass.

  8. summoner kittycat

    I saw 1408 it was a good horror movie

  9. Pablo Vega

    Man I love when you play this game

  10. Pervy Turtle

    1408 was good

  11. MythBlade 17473

    "If you go around shooting people then your probably a bad guy" (begins to go around and shoot people)

  12. julianBatess

    1408 was fucking great! Horror and sadness and a tainted mind. So good

  13. Joseph Hunt

    In their defense, they WERE returning fire. You shot at them first.

  14. SpringRockerPSN

    "If you go around shooting people you're probably a bad guy".
    Proceeds to open fire.

    I know it was just coincidence, but it still made me laugh.

  15. Lando 530

    A land of fire and fire

  16. ttarabbia


  17. tomislav scerbe

    Do at least another episode of this, please! You have a good run going on.

  18. Khristian Price

    I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that dislikes mindlessly watching people get murdered left and right in horror movies.

  19. El Blaise

    That traveling mechanic is jarringly low tech.

  20. Gaberull

    this would be an amazing series

  21. Siggy 313

    Don't end it here please. A little more? I'd appreciate it.

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