VEGA iG – Beautiful and Amazing Dota 2


  1. Abaddon, the Lord of Avernus.


  2. goldenbone

    the only way vega will lose is if solo 322 again

  3. Jamalism Cast



  4. NotTodayBro

    what means ooooooo

  5. Deo Adriel Macalalad

    such a great team

  6. Walp

    Chinese Era is OVER

  7. HoneyBee Joshua

    VEga only win against secret because of noob EE carry. FEED!

  8. HoneyBee Joshua

    they say VEGA so pro and win TI6. (reality) after a year they play like shit like other teams does after winning.

  9. Коляныч Кирилюк

    Европейские команды всегда агрессивно играли, китайцы не могут просто это контрить, они любят пофармить.

  10. AlbertCarbs

    This was my first tournament I watched live. So much fun. Those pro ice blasts got the audience so hyped lol.

  11. PiXell 1337


  12. LongX49

    "they bumping head"


  13. Zakaria Zuhari

    aoe aoe everywhere

  14. mafla

    3:22 MMMM…. nice

  15. Mitsuha Miyamizu

    Vega amazing performance. Destroy IG.

  16. Nikita Semenov

    Vega просто обоссали

  17. Shapnel

    2:22 fuck it, I wana die

  18. NickelPickle5

    lol Kingj never used shallow grave on Lina…

  19. Robson Chagas

    Dat Dazzle grave tho 0:27 ArtStyle is proud.

  20. Vincen Morán

    1:32 Fuck that Lina, I'm outa here!

  21. Fwivo

    New AA aghs idea: Every time you cast ult it automatically puts "Oooooooooooooooooooooooo" into all chat

  22. Greed is Bad

    bring back the old dota theme song

  23. JJ Lim

    Rabbit = trash

  24. Pluto Bouncer

    Vega TI6 Champions

    Visit My Channel 🙂

  25. Семён Иванов

    Гордость России!

  26. Accustomed to your Love

    Beautiful plays from Vega. Damn they were so flawless moving around the map. I still believe to my boy Artour. No curse. 4Head

  27. Beyhan F

    its just way too sad to see former ti champs being crushed like this

  28. Trong Hieu Thai

    The old WC3 background song…..It brought back memories sobs

  29. darger

    The Russian team that didn't even get to the tournament, won the winners

  30. Саид Аджиньязов

    Вот что значит не дизбанднулись после инта и решили лучше тренироваться.

  31. Grant


  32. Purple Shinobi

    сосёшь гребень

  33. Igormboaes

    EZ Solo.

  34. FellTheSky


  35. eXtatic

    this fucking dazzle is so bad ..

  36. ivan fadilah

    Vega is really really solid.

  37. Art Guy


  38. 민호

    Look at that draft.

  39. BENji :v


  40. Conrad Genio


  41. Alpha 0306

    That AA tho

  42. John McClane

    Dat music from Dota Allstars `Kreygasm`

  43. Ichsan Primanda

    Why Vega so strong now?

  44. Plot Twist

    3x wipeout..

  45. Григорий И

    K P A C U B O

  46. Buzz Lightyear

    Lol KingJ shallow grave himself for what ?

  47. let em go

    0:27 that dazzler should add artstyle

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