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US is walking in the same direction as China's censorship: Facebook whistleblower

Christopher Wylie, former Cambridge Analytica employee and Facebook whistleblower, joins ‘Squawk Alley’ to discuss Wylie’s new book, the future of social media, and data risks when it comes to elections.


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  1. DMVNewsNow

    Christopher Wylie was a part of The Great Hack documentary. What they uncovered there is the greatest threat to our democracy and poses a clear and present danger right now. What happened to those companies? What happened to the employees? What happened to the DATA!?! Unfortunately the fiddler has already won the crowdS all over the world and has at last won in the UK as well as the US. Remember that a crowd is nothing more than an uninformed mob. The truth shall set us free.

  2. Chev4 Omega

    But the difference is that you still have other means to communicate your ideas incase FB bans you, like CNBC, so FB is nowhere similar to a communist country that completely silence you.

  3. nakai

    My opinion, this all started from china trying to kick out Japanese factories from their country like two years(?) ago. I'm sure Chinese government had deal to make with Japan and wanted to make sure Japan can't refuse it and also something had to be attractive to Japanese government. And Chinese government must have succeeded because Abe(Japanese minister) brought with him all of big named head economy (CEO) leaders in Japan (huge group) to China for a conference. This conference makes things interestingly gives Abe a huge confidence. Also, one of the big change made from this meeting was, after the meeting both Chinese and Japanese government's attitudes towards Trump started to change. They used to make faces of not liking Trump but they now are all best friends. Then we started seeing Japanese government starts to bully out South Korea for making them disadvantage on source for parts and material which will be hard for them to get. Also talking about 'corns' comes up<-this trading talk about farm items I'm sure first brought it up by Japan to Trump. But actually I'm sure Japan brought it up by getting suggestion from China since Japan has reasons why they want to help Chinese Government's requests. Maybe so they can gain power. Pretty obvious but people wouldn't know why Japan wants to gain "power" unless that person studied Asian histories or understand how Asian economy works or its history. Also my impression from all these non-responsible reactions from Donald makes me think there is a good chance he maybe hardly studied world histories nor U.S. history nor general human rights thoroughly before he became President. Mentioning him as a "King" shows he wasn't trying to to be a "President" to begin with. Voting for him was a biggest mistake U.S. Citizen made is a no question.

  4. Future Building

    I guess this guy hasn't figured out that "private companies" and "the state" are one-in-the-same in the United States. The US government almost certainly has access given to them by Big Tech to all user data. CIA's venture capital arm helped start Facebook.

  5. Gary Hudson

    People who abuse their freedom and start acting like they can do whatever they want, deserves to have it taken away from them. Sometimes, we just need a little lesson on how to respect and not abuse our freedom and rights. We have become to spoiled and that needs to stop.

  6. Mikiko

    Im glad to see Americans are slowly waking up this fake "Democracy" & "freedom" they used to brag about and laughed at other countries like China and Russia. There isn't much difference just how it's been presented at front or back.

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