Unboxing $644 DOTA 2 Gear (Valve Store)

Unboxing $644 DOTA 2 Gear (Valve Store)

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Classic Dota Cap – 1:07
Pudge Snapback Hat – 1:52
Pudge and Chain – 2:37
Rest for the Wicked – 3:49
You shall not CAST! – 4:23
The International Dota 2 Swag Bag Kit – 5:30
Carry Me – 10:54
Underwear of the Colorful Champions – 11:27
Don’t Fight – 13:13
Dota 2 All Pick Belt – 14:12
Dota 2 Logo Sweater – 16:25
Crew Neck Sweatshirt – 17:20
The Lowprio Club – 18:20
Heroes Pick Mousepad 19:10
Pudge Bottle Opener Key Chain – 23:00

Near Christmas, my Dota buddies and I decided to raid the TheValveStore and ended up with a $644 (CAD) box of goodies.

Also, please note that we are by no means suggesting that the Dota 2 Swag Bag should be used to store a “whole lot of drugs in there.” We certainly do not endorse that in any way shape or form. Because if you really wanted to store drugs, you should purchase the Dota 2 Duffle Bag as it can carry at least a few kilos.

Josh and I were rather impressed with all of the items that we purchased, which took just over 3 weeks to arrive (not too shabby). It’s the shipping that kills you though. Our shipping tab was $60 USD which is certainly crazy but necessary to obtain such unique items from a unique store.

A big thank you to Valve Store Support for replacing our damaged sun glasses with a one day turn around with no questions asked! Now that’s great customer support! Also, I know the prices are listed in USD – it just didn’t look cool if i displayed $55.57 (CAD) etc.

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The Valve Store:


Intro stuff:
The Legend of Zelda (Fairy Fountain Remix)

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