TWICE Pass by as Kwang Soo Gets Penalized [Running Man Ep 399]


  1. Ash OnCe Me

    Haha mina and jihyo❤❤😂

  2. combathotdog

    I’d like it if Sana is the one who sees me getting flogged. She sympathizes well with people who get hurt. She would be like awwww poor you 😭.

  3. Yoo are my Everything

    2:08 when Mina gestured fighting to Kwangsoo, and then Kwangsoo thanked them for their hard work while being spanked. The bgm only makes this funnier lol.

  4. Thomas Benito

    I don't what's harder. Trying not to laugh with your friends trying to make you laugh, or Mina and Jihyo watching you get flogged in the butt with an oar 😂😭

  5. VValentine2209

    He still thanks them for working hard while he get spanked. True entertainer.


    2:09 mina and jihyo hahahahahahahahahha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. olio hyouka

    I don't like se chan..


    They are not twice lol

  9. Teiichi Uruhara

    You have seen a god kwang soo hahaha

  10. Levi 00

    This game never fails to make me laugh

  11. Andy Bui

    Anyone know the background music when TWICE sees Kwangsoo getting spanked lol.

  12. wut. idk.

    When your crush passed by while you are being punished…Its horror😂😂😂😂

  13. ilovejokes95

    Se Chan trying so hard to make Kwang Soo laugh while all it takes for Jae Suk to make Kwang Soo laugh is a phone call

  14. O'Brien Denis

    Best part is when.. Kwang Soo VJ hits him too 😀

  15. Angelu Durban

    I start watching running man from episode 1 because of this

  16. pencari salah

    Se chan tried to hard to make funny but what i see it's annoying , i think producer must change se chan to someone who more spontaneous to make people laugh

  17. Once ChaengChaeng


  18. Saurabh Sananse

    what this show called

  19. Gabriel Otic

    Wouldve taken it with a blank face after this. Cause if jihyo and mina watched me getting flogges I would have jst died on the spot and asked to be slapped unconscious hahahha.

  20. Alfrahimxx

    Se chan attitude is really annoying.

  21. Harith Umair

    yang se chan is so annoying

  22. JP Perocho

    I dunno why am I also laughing silently.

  23. Danial Farhan

    what episode it is..plizz..someone

  24. Danial Farhan

    what this episode

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