Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Detailed Review, THE BEST WIRELESS PC GAMING HEADSET?

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Detailed Review, THE BEST WIRELESS PC GAMING HEADSET?

Reviewing the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Wireless Gaming Headset. One of the best Wireless PC gaming headsets tested yet!
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  1. The Techne

    BTW 30hr battery life, and I just walked to my kitchen from my office with not a single drop in sound.

  2. Chandler Heath

    can i use this with my xbox? will it be wireless with my xbox?

  3. Emilio N

    I just got these about two weeks ago. Moving up from a super crappy 20 dollar PlayStation headset. They're good for PS4. Everything sounds sharp and crisp but they're not loud. On PC is where they shine though. If there was a way to have the full suite if settings on console they'd be #1 overall.

  4. hiczok

    The wireless dongle works on ps4. Some features are limited but manual says it works

  5. macyh003

    Another great review on wireless headphones! What subtle differences sway you towards the G1WL over these? They are roughly the same price where I'm from so hoping you could shed some light on this matter. Cheers

  6. Ivan Torres

    I have the corsair hs50 and I worry about these not having enough volume because I usually use mine around 80-100 percent volume most of the time and to me they don’t seem really loud.

  7. Christian Whitaker

    When it comes to gaming headsets the mic monitoring is a must for me. Recently got a pair of the Recon 200's based off your hype from the review you posted on those and I was glad you recommended them so strongly. Easily one of the best gaming headphones (especially for the price) that I've had for gaming. I had such a good experience that I also decided to try the wireless option (Stealth 600's) and I actually loved those as well. But between the increased battery life of these headphones (not just increased, but DOUBLE), the seemingly improved comfort AND the presence of a 3.5mm jack, these look like a must for me. Your reviews are awesome, and all I can say is thank you for the Recon 200 hype because I've finally found my favorite brand when it comes to gaming headphones. (PS – I even compared my $200 Razer Nari Ultimates to my Turtle Beach headsets and they didn't stand a chance for me. The turtle beaches just sound so good AND as I mentioned before, mic monitoring is a must for me. The mic monitoring/sidetone on my Razer Nari Ultimates are garbage and although they have good overall sound quality I simply can't recommend). Thank you once again for the awesome reviews, Techne!

  8. Drizzle

    So do they work for xbox one?

  9. Matthew Brooks

    Turtle Beach Aero or Corsair Virtuoso RGB?

  10. Beshoy Samy

    9:40 to 10:00 is that stutter/breaking up even normal or what?

  11. William Harper

    Techne , get week buddy . How is the mic when typing on keyboard does is it pick up key noise ? Thanks man

  12. Pat Conz

    Hi may I ask?

    Btw thank you and I bought the artics 3 2019 thank you for the awesome review!!

  13. Jeanette Petersson

    How long is the wireless connection range?

  14. Rikki Sun

    Always liked your videos. Would you say this one is better than SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset? By the way, what is your top 3 best wireless headsets? thanks

  15. TrunXo4

    Hey, i bought the arctis 7 wireless like 2 months ago, are these a decent upgrade? My biggest negatives with arctis are that they fall of my head easy if id be shaking my head abit and also my ears nearly touch the inside.. are these better at those points?

  16. Ghost

    Not worth it for Xbox? Choosing over A50s , HyperX Cloud Flight , Arctic 9 or these

  17. Sweaty Hands Gaming

    Im stuck at steel series arctis 3 or the red dragon zeus or the hyperx stinger.
    Playing on mobile.

  18. Craig Olsen

    These or the Audio Technica ATH G1? I know that one is wired and one is wireless but which one sounds better?

  19. IllUminuSS1

    you've been so blown away by so many gaming headsets the past few months, but if you had to choose today… what is your absolute favorite?

  20. N X K

    How do you think they do in comparison against Arctis 7 Wireless 2k19

  21. Fujiwara Delivery

    Damn! Just bought Steelseries Actics 7 Haha

  22. Roblox Dabber

    Too underrated my favorite tech reviewer, always come to your videos first

  23. xeno cypher

    Lol all my friends have turtle beach.

  24. dwkrx2

    What are the ear cups like themselves over the ear? I’ve had turtlebeach in the past that barely covered my ears and we’re uncomfortable 😩

  25. Garrett Howard

    My headphones just broke 2 days ago

  26. Richard Salazrd

    How do they compare to the arctis pro +gamedac

  27. touseefbsb the coder

    would u still recommend it if I will nt use its mic and only get it as a headphone ? Also is it as good as arctis pro?

  28. Joe Mama

    I find your videos really helpful

  29. Joe Mama

    Love your content man keep up the good work

  30. Justin Pullin

    Yeah but how is it on PS4? esp without optical?

  31. Faart.

    From a 0/10 how good is this headset

  32. Gmoney 24

    If these headset gave the same audio sound as you say for ps4 slim i would have bought it in a heartbeat very convincing lol. Any headset thats comparable to that audio sound i can use for ps4 slim?

  33. Jessica Telles

    These or steel series arctic wireless pro? Astros a50 wireless?

  34. Jessica Telles

    I want to buy some for my husband. Just don’t know which one?? I want the best wireless gaming headset with wire connectivity in case they pop with router interference. What do you recommend? He plays a lot of FPS.

  35. ItzYaBoyAnt7

    Nice vid

  36. Steve Lutui

    Love your energy! Great Vid.. 👍🏽

  37. Joshua Hirtle

    Can you do a video on the best wireless headset for switch?

  38. SuperCern

    These or HyperX Cloud Flight?

  39. Zachary Ward

    Thank you so much no one would do a review on these

  40. Holy Smoke

    I have the Original Elite Pros with Dac wonder if these are an upgrade in sound. Tried to ask TB themselves but they keep ignoring me on twitter. Also Wonder how the Atlas Aero stacks up against the new Sennheiser GSP 370

  41. Ricardo Jose

    This or the ATH-G1

  42. am i a sweat ?!?!? am i a sweat ?!?!?

    I just bought steelseries artics 5 so witch is better steelseries Artics 5 or thiese ones in your amazing video

  43. A Praetorian

    More comfortable and can pinpoint foot steps better then a40tr with mix amp or a50 ??? I can’t believe that. Also talking about gen 4.

  44. scammenot scammenot

    love the red led's

  45. Sandy MñZ

    Artics x9 or these for Xbox ?

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