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Trump’s Ukraine Whistleblower Scandal – How Will It All End? | The Daily Show

Exhausted from all of Donald Trump’s scandalous behavior, Ronny Chieng isn’t getting his hopes up about the impeachment inquiry. #TheDailyShow

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  1. Scooby Doo

    I laughed so hard at the last words"Marco Rubio seems to be open to blub blub blub, and we all drown". Ronnie is hilarious here.

  2. Justa Dragn

    Even iF Trump's impeached, seriously, what will be the point? By the time he's finally found guilty, he'll have already lost reelection anyway and will already be on his way out of the White House.

  3. Stephen Mataganog

    "The Ukraine goes to jail and Trump becomes president for life" I about died laughing. However I will be crying when it happens.

  4. ZeroCross

    Is it sad but i kinda agree with this guy. At this point they have said he has done something wrong so many times and that they are going to get him but it never happens. They will just fight about it for a year then it will go away.

  5. Jon Philspector

    Ronny talked about it as a joke segment, but he deeply express my real feelings about the
    impeachment thing.

    It is like the dogma movie. If the renegade angels win, so God will be considered as wrong and the creation will collapse.
    If the impeachment wins, so the US government will be considered as wrong and the US political system will collapse…or severely wounded. And politicians and lobbyists won't let that happen, because they want to keep their thrones !

    Unless they provoked all this mess for the rise of a new world wide order…

  6. A1blkman KAG

    The favertism amongst government officials and public sevants; American government is founded on Bureaucratic Nepotism, this practice of rewarding the privileged above working middle and lower class populous is not unique to Socialist, Comunist and Menarche governments. Capitalism is also flawed by the have and have not social construct. Democracy is merely an governing system necessary to manage the populous, such as religion. Americas pardison government is the people's pacifier of individual choice and the delusion of free will. The Deep State and Globalist Monarchy aren't the only enemies of the people. It is no coincidence that this behavior was stripped from the psyche of Black American community / Desendants of African slaves. America's slave culture lives on in the minds of Black American by way of their inferiority complex towards the white ango culture. Reperations by way of actions are futile as long as beliefs of superiority remain. Coservative Black America is in full support of Trump 2020 victory, the politics of black american community will flip back to conservative in 2020! That would include the many registered black Democrats fearful of revealing themselves.

  7. 1Life Resist

    This is how useless a 2-party system is, one side protects its tribe and the other does the same, and at the same time they're funded largly by the same group of people! US is a democracy, yey

  8. DR Ir M

    G said that he is not stupid. Yes, I
    agree fully…. please open more of your mouth… wider and bigger, please.
    He was the Mayor of NYC? Unbelievable…..

    G and T are birds of the
    same feather…. They shit together (whenever they open their mouth)

  9. Fon aaldan

    See what Chieng's reaction is: that is Trump's plan. He is actually going to get reelected in 2020, because of this like mindfuck ability.

  10. John Smith

    For years people cried wolf about people like Bush and Mitt Romney, now they have a real wolf, but no one cares. Serves them right tbh.

  11. Infinite Z

    Did anyone notice Russian bots have stopped coming to trump's defense in comments? Is it because he's helping Ukraine fight them now?

  12. Edward Ames Castellano

    fUNNIEST fk'n thing evah… Okay that was just my Ronny Chieng impression… I just wanted to post that after I stopped laughing my fk'n ass off.

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