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Trump's Sharpie Scandal Has Triggered Multiple Investigations: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the growing scandal of President Trump doctoring a map of Hurricane Dorian with a Sharpie.
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Trump’s Sharpie Scandal Has Triggered Multiple Investigations: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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  1. Johnny B Perkins

    Surprise, I agree with Trump on one important issue. Nothing more distracting and discourteous when you're making a statement and someone on staff is coughing away. (some clueless bozo hacking up a lung when you finally have something important to say.)

  2. Matthew Davis

    Heres one…how Is this any different than when Bill Clinton…lied about having sex with Mónica Lewinsky.?… olé Slick Willy got found out…and so will Mr Trump…somebodys gotta explain to Mr Trump & Wilbur Ross…being president doesnt give you the right to rewrite the rules…

  3. Marianne Flambert

    The people from Alabama should send their claims to fema. After all the president hurricane destroyed the state, right?

  4. Tayce Sells

    He probably didn't like the coughing because it's not too far from people clearing their throats to call bullshit. 😆😂

  5. Tom Ace

    I just watched like 6 Closer looks in a row and I'm just wondering, why the hell hasn't Trump stepped down yet? My god this is insane.

  6. Chase Sutherland

    "The democrats lied to me, they told me that Alabama would get hit very very hard and it didn't. Fake weather? What's next, fake presidents?"

  7. Janell Evans

    Dew Point is the temperature that the moisture in the air forms dew. It's related to humidity and suggestions when the temp decreases and the moisture in the air becomes rain.

  8. Ann Nee

    I don't even want to know how much these "inquiries" are gonna cost, money wasted because a deranged man-child can't admit he misspoke😲

  9. Noi Soudarack

    TRUMP is a domestic terrorist! I can't repeat it enough, he held his country hostage during a government shutdown, he breaks the law, he's a sore excuse of a human being, he's a threat to national security, and he's a complete idiot. He's a clown and his face make me sick

  10. Commercial Electric

    Our company uses Sharpies, but we are willing to disavow Mr. Trump ergo Sharpie, as well as they should. Anything he touches dies, and he is riding on the coattails of a strong company like Sharpie.

  11. Mike Morrison

    Last week's big presidential criminal scandal:


    This week's big presidential criminal scandal:


    What the hell is going to happen next week?

    Tune next time to find out!

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