Top 5 House Plants of 2018

Top 5 House Plants of 2018

Whenever December rolls around I can’t help but think back to the year, does anyone else instinctively do so also? I had some failures, murdered a few crops, but more importantly–I overcame many things and heard. Not to mention ‘ Hieta garden’ was born, a space to discuss what I adore I am rather grateful for (and exhibit many incredible people). Anyhow, I often think about a lot of things in my drive to work, and for the past month I have been considering all the plants I have cared for this year–especially my favorite ones. So I wish to share with one of my top 5 crops of 2018! Shh, don’t tell others, okay?

The Pilea Peperomioide came in hot this season! If you understand, you know. It was one of the IT plants of 2018, and they had been quite rare + quite expensive at one stage. Everyone cringed when the underside leaves would yellowish –it’s not the simplest plant but at least it’s not so expensive today. Do not overwater, don’t put it too large and give it great bright indirect light! It’ll grow tall and strong if you like it correctly. To be honest, I’m surprised mine did not die. This is a photo of my plant about 3 months after I got it and now it is pretty tall (almost a year old) in a terrazzo pots . This plant makes the cutest babies that are simple to propagate!

green garden pot
green garden pot

It is such a cute plant, so you can not deny that.

Monstera Adansonii
I love trailing plants, and that I love the famed Swiss Cheese plant because it’s fenestrations (slits in more mature leaves). The Monstera Adansonii is the best of both–a vining plant (also climbs) that additionally has the famous holes. I’m having it climb in my house using 3M light clips. I’m making sure that the roots don’t attach to the wall though, because they can hurt. This plant stole my heart this season, and it’s surprisingly simple to take care of (I have heard it is not always simple ).

3. Sansevieria Sayuri
I discovered this gorgeous Sansevieria by chance, and it is one of the harder ones to come by. I’m going to be entirely honest–I thought it had been Sansevieria Bantel Sensation, that at the time was exactly what I was searching for. Fortunately @heyitsjan corrected thanks Jan! Anyhow, should you find this Sansevieria you will understand: it’s a gorgeous light shade with striking marks. It was love at first sight, plus it had been shooting leaves out the bottom! I really fell in love with Sansevieria this season –and I think the entire pant community did as well. #SansevieriaSunday Really popped off, and now I absolutely love seeing everyone’s Sansevieria gangs. Plus they’re air purifying, and for that I salute you Sansevierias. Pretty and operational plants would be the best. You can find them here:

Calathea Orbifolia
Hieta garden had lots of Calatheas this season but this one was by far my favorite. Let me only say that this and my Calathea Musaica were the only ones that didn’t get spider mites. They’re also the easiest to treat of/least sensitive. I love Calatheas because it’s so gratifying to see/watch new leaves unfurl, and the white-ish markings on the Orbifolia are so gorgeous against the light green of the leaves. It makes a gorgeous statement in any individual’s plant collection and home. They had been somewhat hard to come by at the start of the spring but they began showing up more toward the ending of the summer. I am sure they will be highly cultivated following calendar year.

I mean, c am on, it’s stunning spots and the leaves are at the shape of angel wings. Additionally, the backs of the leaves are this gorgeous maroon colour. This plant is literally drop dead gorgeous. I feel as I do not really need to describe anything more than those details.

I fought with mold this year with this guy–probably because I bought it with mould on it without noticing. Make certain that you check your plants for insects and mold when shopping/before buying. I learned the hard way this year.