Top 25 Best RPG Games 2019 | Android & iOS


  1. Demon hearted

    when is the direct date of albion online when releasing?

  2. Luizifer Behel

    I wasnt expecting the last one to be like that

  3. yo el otaku


  4. Eifin R

    I like that

  5. Mohammed Deadshot

    Gigantic X this is good but is not on any play store or apk store

  6. ClutchMasterTV

    What is the name of the game you showed in the intro?

  7. Singing Owl

    They should really remove hack n' slash games from the rpg genre. Almost everything in this list is a hack n' slash.

  8. Spade Kersey

    Best how many?! And you couldn't even release a single decent game. 👏👏

  9. Sin Yotti

    Durango: Wild Lands is the best game out no other game is like it not sure how it isn't on this list .. One of the only games that you can literally play without pay …check it out …a shame that its shutting down 😭😭😭

  10. Ali Nasser

    Evry think is online :z

  11. Devon Sookoo

    Can you give the correct link for Black Desert (KR) please. I'm getting LikeAfter when I click on it. Thanks!

  12. Humor In Politics

    This list is shit without including Ice Wind Dale, Torment, Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate 2 and Baldur's Gate Dragonspear. SMFH.

  13. Emmanuel Ugbor

    Pls someone should tell me a good website to download these for Android

  14. cristal lagina

    Ma favorite still that geek old school idle rgp Idlers And Dungeons on android

  15. TOVAR

    What is that remote and where can I get 1

  16. Hououin kyouma

    Where's Toram Online?

  17. Arthur Morgan

    Era of Celestials?

  18. Diamond Authority MLBB

    I just realized everytime they make a video like thise they have to download around 3 gb or more just for us! What a dedicated channel this is.

  19. HeroQ8z

    Thanks alot, please keep up the good work <3

  20. come get

    I find no resone to have games on my phone such a waste of space….unless it's something simple an won't have updates everyday.

  21. En Ping

    Toram Online

  22. Emperor of Mankind

    Exiled Kingdoms beats the shit out of every game on this list easily.

  23. 青tokyoshibe

    where's lineage2 revolution?

  24. 摩擦しゅん

    This channel literally took the time to find these wonderful games. Deserves a sub.

  25. Jake Thompson

    He has fur on his fingers I bet that keeps him warm in winter

  26. Jake Thompson

    Anyone else notice his furry ass fingers

  27. Jake Thompson

    Btw life after dont bother cuz its not what it seems what he showed u was just the tutorial to the game. It gets worse much worse #

  28. Jake Thompson

    Dony download elder scrolls unless ur a super fan cuz the controls are total shit

  29. Jake Thompson

    The reason. Why your disappointed is for several reasons. First reason is fucking autoplay that ruins the game immediately. Second is combat power personally that's fucking retarded. 3rd is no stat customization as in str, DeX, agi, Int, and luck or w.e they put. But with that gone your character doesnt feel unique like your own. 4th reason skill tree and skills. There's usually 1 set of skills and everyone gets the same amount of skills and u use to create your own class with skills and stats. Like back in diablo 2 you could be an ice sorceress or fire or lighting with how u spend ur skill points and stat setup. . 5th reason and final. Everyone gets the same fucking armor and weapons same rare types as well. Its fucking bullshit. . Honestly I dont fucking get it why do all phone games suck the cock of a donkey. Seriously wtf I dont understand how it's so hard to make a good game. I will say this it's to complicated for the noobs there like uhhh what stats should I upgrade. There to use to it being done for them and now they have to do it themselves . Poor little fucking newgen noobs. Newgen means new generation. And no lie that's who ruins it all these dumb stupid kids want these easy trash games where all they do is watch there character attack . Stat upgrades are to complex fucking retards

  30. Jake Thompson

    Dude plz what controller is that and how well does it work also where can I get it also how much

  31. Alexander Ari Putra

    any suggested game that we create own character and every time we leveled up, we increase some stat of our character??

  32. dipankarsingh mankee

    which phone?

  33. Mv Fangs

    Need to subscribe this channel, not like other

  34. Brotherhood Knight

    When is gigantic x coming out?

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