Tokyo Kawaii Club | April Magic Mailer | Disney Unboxing & Review

Tokyo Kawaii Club | April Magic Mailer | Disney Unboxing & Review

This is an unboxing of Johnny’s April 2019 Magic Mailer from Tokyo Kawaii Club (TKC) featuring products from Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, and Tokyo Disney Store.

Instagram: @JohnnyGilmour
Magic Mailer: $52.99 per month

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  1. Karise

    You two are making me like Lotso with all your Lotso love and merch 🍓🍓🍓

  2. Animation Geek

    I got my first kawaii box!!! Favorite Disney subscription box so far!
    If you want to check it out it son my channel.
    That Lot so button is so cute!

  3. Erika Gholston

    My favorite item is the Stitch plush. I’m glad you are still enjoying your mailers.

  4. OverTheMoony

    Omg yes with all the Lotso goodies!!! I can’t with that notepad. It is ADORABLE! I’m hoping for a Lotso redemption in Toy Story 4 as well. Even if it’s a scene at the end of the credits, that’s fine! I just want to know he’s doing okay! I’m so glad that your mailers continue to be amazing! 💖

  5. Lara Cox

    Best. To. Do. List. Ever!

  6. Jessica Meredith

    Another great mailer 😊 Michael is killing it for youuuu 💕🎉

  7. Jennifer Templeton

    I think your bag/box was very sweet and adorable. I think my favorite thing would probably be the plush stitch. Happy Easter!!!!

  8. Lorelei Winter

    Love the Lotso scratch & sniff to do list! I got stuff from Daiso in my last mailer, but it was still super cute Disney stuff (Winnie the Pooh mini cake molds, etc) that I wouldn’t have found here, so I’m still happy about it.

  9. _disney_rose_

    Loved all your lotso stuff!! but he is my fav!

  10. Gina Busby

    What a cool mailer!!! Love all your goodies and your pic on instagram is the funny! Love the masks!

  11. Disneylover

    awesome video, love the stitch plush. happy easter


    Love the Lotso Items, but everything was cute.

  13. Magical Mac

    Awww That mailer was perfect for you!! 😀 All the Stitch and Lotso! I absolutely love the bag that the rice crackers came in… so adorable!

  14. Jean Johnson

    That Stitch is so cute. Such a great mailer. I'm so happy to see that your subscription is still great quality 🙂 wishing you a beautiful day. 🙂

  15. PixieDust & Peaches

    Such a cute mailer. Loved the Lotso items. I know y’all love Lotso so I was glad to see you get him. Fun to y’all watch. Happy Easter 🌺💐🐇

  16. Cathy Richardson

    You got a very good bag. I like the post it scratch and sniff pad the best.

  17. Amber The Collector

    Bags apon bags lol. Fav items was the stitch postcard and stitch plush and the lotso notpad

  18. Princess Melodie

    I want to get this mailer can you ask for no snacks?

  19. Disney junkie Ashley

    Aww a lotso scratch and sniff what great items!!!! All I can think of is when we were in the Disney parks and got our picture with lotso he swooped me in a big bear hug and he did not smell like strawberries 😂

  20. Dana Wegehoft

    Your mailer is the best I've seen open by YouTubers in along time

  21. Hello TiffyBell

    The eye masks are hilarious. That's neat the note pad is scratch and sniff. And the Stitch plush is adorable

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