Tokyo Dome City Tour & Review Featuring: Thunder Dolphin!

Tokyo Dome City Tour & Review Featuring: Thunder Dolphin!

Home to one of the most iconic roller coasters of Japan, Tokyo Dome City has always been a bucket list of mine for one reason: THUNDER DOLPHIN! This is an Intamin hyper coaster built on top of a building and through a hubless wheel! We had a chance to get a few laps on it and the Big O wheel; One of the surprise hits of the park was the all new indoor launched coaster called Back Daaan!



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  1. Sean Flaharty

    That was the perfect review of Panic Coaster: Back Daaaaaaan! I wish I would have taken a couple more rides on that thing.

  2. Jesse Steck - boomman175

    How was the Japan trip dan

  3. Tyler Wood

    I love how 2.5 minutes in they realized they can turn off that stupid shutter beep noise on their DSLR lmao

  4. JoshCranePro

    I'm a professional wrestler and just did a tour of Japan. I was only able to walk by the Tokyo Dome but next time I'm 100% exploring more now!

  5. Jay Viescas

    At least a 9 for visuals alone! Wouldn't they let you do a POV on the Thunder Dolphin?

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