Tip: Setting Up a LAN Server


  1. Yewen Peter

    You might also mention that users need to be running the same version number of minecraft .

  2. Coolgamer2011

    Minecraft Java is good because you can choose older version

  3. GameBot

    His intro is most awful in the world

  4. Carol Njoroge

    I try to do that but it does not work

  5. Maverick DX_Prime

    how did i hate his hair so much before?

  6. Gamerz Gateway

    5:01 sean the piece your supposed to blur

  7. Ibraheem Djerdjouri

    first of all, your name is CHAD JOHNSON??? second….. dat hair….

  8. ProGamer9856

    This is the Linustechtips for Minecraft. This really helped to make my friends join.

  9. Panda _YTXoXo

    What if your not on the same connection?

  10. FBI

    U have friendS I only have one

  11. KOVRA

    and is cj carl johnson your brother

  12. KOVRA

    thanks chad but the thing is that i need to put a plugin but when i put worldedit mod on both computerss it doesnt show the other players worldedit progress

  13. shiny PW


  14. shiny PW


  15. shiny PW


  16. HNATC & the world

    Ok, so I've tried pretty much everything, I've let it pass the firewall, I'm pretty sure the computers are on the same network but it still times out, idk what more I can do

  17. Dragon Drawings

    IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!

  18. Edwin Selin 5B Ek 19/20 Ekeby skola

    Hey. i can't make a mincraft server and i need help.I can't play with friends.and they say i have the newest computer.pls i need help to play on a server.

  19. Nicholas smith

    can this use normal hotspot off my phone

  20. Kristiāns Ūdris

    I don't have friends to play the lat

  21. Noob Lights

    i wana play to far people

  22. bxbylavr

    more easy way 😉 just click open the lan xd

  23. Anthony Nani

    2:15 for those that want to get to the setting up bit

  24. Bob Randy

    2019 Anybody? No… Okay 😟

  25. parengaio Cookie

    I don’t have that lan server

  26. Thomas Rosser

    this guy looks like a redstone torch 🙂

  27. kodygaming

    but it does not work

  28. NikeSavage25

    Two laptops literally by eachother and i opened lan but it wont show up
    Same network btw

  29. John Usher

    What if your not on lan

  30. Titxn


  31. Yugo

    i have window, so does it mean that this video wasnt worth watching?

  32. ZydeGaming

    When I tried to join my friends, there was an error 😕

  33. Murad Alasgarov

    how young and cool he looked back then and how depressed he looks now

  34. Drootex

    oof this is old
    it no work no more

  35. Mike O

    Doesn't work. Maybe I need a red toupee. Contrary to what was said, this is not an easy thing to get to work. Seen way more comments on various youtube channels from those that haven't gotten this work.

  36. Allen Berry

    What’s up with your hair

  37. Arvid Pehrson

    how do i close my LAN world?

  38. ImmqrtalNoLife

    does it not work for any1 uwu

  39. Red21YT

    I have 3 computers that are connected on that same network one of the computers are in singleplayer and 2 of them can't connect to the singleplayer server help me

  40. Poison Charz

    what to do if your not on the same network?

  41. BitFiery

    Me and my brother we have issue we cant play cuz the server doesnt show up

  42. señor spooky

    still work?

  43. K B

    How do I do this to a normal server????

  44. GoliverG

    You look hot with that hair

  45. spelejam visi

    no work on 1.14.3

  46. Yijun 2525

    But how do u play with your friend when ur far away?

  47. DenPL

    Laptop and PC. It does not show up when i start LAN.

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