They are Billions Review 2019 – Worthabuy?


  1. Worth A Buy

    I gave this the middle thumb due to the custom maps being brilliant, it allows you to play as many different maps as you like, UNLIKE the devs game where most of you will not beat the first survival map or want to even progress through the campaign of boredom.

    This game is literally brilliant in concept and I love playing it (custom maps) everything else is garbage imo so it's only really worth buying for the custom maps.

  2. Brian Hallmond

    I just found it on Steam. It's got overwhelmingly positive reviews. But this makes me think twice :/

  3. robby tm

    The fact you only have tents and there are no checkpoints/saves is a problem. No different commanders with different abilities to choose from, another problem.

    The rest of what he's saying is just whining.

  4. Richard Yocum

    This dude is gold lol.

  5. henmich

    Relax… You're too tents…

  6. Travis Major

    CHOO CHOO… fuck this review was so good. I don't know if I've ever been so mad after buying a game – and this video is the only solace I have found. Thank you sir.

  7. S.S RADON

    my city was randomly mentioned in a game review…

  8. RJD DJR

    Hahaha.. okay..
    no buy..

  9. mang313

    SUBSCRIBED! You are fucking hilarious man

  10. Tom G

    The tent thing is ridiculous. I want to get this game but I can’t when this is the state of the game. Thanks for the review.

  11. 369

    "Is it worth a BAAAYYY"

    "Come out to the coast, have a few laughs.

  12. Paul ofTarsus

    LOl, glad I watched this review.

  13. doto howto

    campaing is bad thats true but the survival games are great and you didnt say a word about that you just totaly picked half the game and told us that its shit …… thats not how ou do rewiev ouu at the end of the video i do a little message about the good stuff …..

  14. Juguemos a la Guerra

    any RTS without hotkeys is never worth to buy.

    it has some good things, but no hotkeys in 2019, when in 1998 all the RTS had all of them is pretty questionable

  15. Fiddlestickz1

    I love the game, survival gives you a random map which always gives you a new challenge, but i also expected more sophisticated objectives in the campaign missions, instead of just building up a city from the ground up everytime, same goes for the hero missions, they are so slowpaced and also lack more sophisticated objkectives.

    Like you said Map Editor is the best part you can create literally anything you imagine and let players play it. Also the game is highly moddable, you can create texture packs, soundpacks and modify gamefiles to change unit stats etc. Modding is not officially supported, yet, but that will open up a whole new avenue then.

  16. Ranxeroxo

    Do you know hotkeys exist in RTS, "gamer" (fatty patreon prostitute unemployed I would say…) ? Failing at 20% facility, what a joke. You manage your units like a turtle or don't manage them at all.

  17. Mike Snow


  18. Kitbodee Siwaphirunthep

    MAN, the game devs and the forum mods are absolute special snowflakes; 1 complaint and i'm ban, lmao. It's too bad, I had fun with the game but with these kind of devs, it's better to steer clear of any future games from them.

  19. Neal

    lmao this shit had me rolling

  20. Alejandro Perez Villanueva

    Maybe in the future the developers will change a little the mechanics to add some depth and posibilities.

    I agree that the game is brilliant in concept and I love playing it the first 15-20 hours

  21. anno nymus

    youre so annoying

  22. Martin Brixen

    Some of the things you talk about as negative is also a core feature of the custom maps (like 1 zombie which enters your colony). I greatly enjoy this (not when losing) but it enhances the fact that you constantly need to pay attention, Starcraft does this to an extreme degree, and you will regret it when your player opponent (not computer mind you) has killed your entire mineral line because you didn't notice.
    Some things, I dont like about the campaign. The missions (with the hero) are very grindy and I would like to bring him/her in the base building misions also.

    I infact enjoy the "rogue-like" gameplay of this game – no saves, no skilltree regrets. And yes I did have to restart the skilltree because I did a few crappy choices.

  23. Martin Freznell

    You made this one's terrible night into one filled with laughter. Gracias!

  24. Colin Clement

    What is pretty intense?…….super models camping….get it.

  25. Nick Darker

    Tent Tent Tent Hunter Cabin CHOO CHOO lol

  26. Matthias K.

    Does this great game support mouse and keyboard on Xbox X? I looks like so funny. Thank you Worth a Buy, for your great video, greetings from Germany.

  27. Mega Hunter

    Actually a good review i really like it when review don't hold back on the game unlike some untrusted review sources not gonna say their name "IGN" 9/10 not enough tents

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