The THINNEST Monitor EVER – C-Force Portable Display Review

The THINNEST Monitor EVER – C-Force Portable Display Review

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This is about as thin as an LCD monitor can get! The C-Force CF015C is a super light and portable display for mobile productivity and gaming!

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  1. Shanekqua Goldstein

    If I owned that I would almost certainly break it within the first month.

  2. Mike

    With the Nintendo Switch what if you use an external battery bank? Will it work for that so you can have true portable gaming goodness?

  3. gregrob20

    That neck hair hurt my soul.


    I don’t think it have vesa

  5. elitewolverine

    Lol he is excited over a 950xl feature from 2015

  6. He Ka

    I like it a lot. But as with super duper thin TVs.. I can't figure out a reason to get one, other than to impress people I guess.

  7. J D

    This dude needs to fix the back of his hair, Jesus Christ.

  8. A.K.M Kamruzzaman

    My wallet left the chat

  9. Friskas

    Isnt this just his "self build monitor" for 100 dollar ?
    Just watched his video with the 3d printed parts?

  10. beon

    10 years later and people are still waiting for the slide'n'joy monitors. Ha.

  11. J M

    I did not found this thin model on there website. Plz help me where i will get it?

  12. Marcellinus January

    Linus, would that multiple monitor become one big display ? And how to do that

  13. Wizzard

    That external display is just raw display with plactic on it.

  14. awesomeferret

    This is such a fascinating product since it's coolest feature is the biggest reason why nobody should buy it. There simply is no use case for this thing, it's just not worth the risk. But it sure is cool…

  15. Jeremy Kowalski

    Wow 200kg I weigh that much

    Wait 200g I wish I weighed that much

  16. yekim 4204

    This would be useful for those portable Xbox builds.

  17. Antonio Farach

    These products became obsolete for mac users with the addition of Sidecar on mac os Catalina. Who would ever buy this instead of an ipad?

  18. Jake Jeffery

    Monitor, what monitor? I only see a piece of paper

  19. Arsen Nuramatov

    "half of gaming laptop of thickness" is my favorite measurement unit now

  20. Jeremie Lariviere

    wonder how it works with the original Pixelbook Laptop…

  21. Ashe Ent.

    hope this thing will be touchscreen in the near future

  22. Bence Kelemen

    what is the rocker switch for???

  23. MisterPikol

    would be thinner if it were an OLED panel

  24. Traversie

    Hmm do you think you can try to set it up to a raspberry pi?

  25. Steven Jones

    the link provided doesnt have this particular model.

  26. Ervin Carlo Espinosa

    Try to review the BladeX monitor

  27. yutao song

    Not practical, too many cable and a big hub.

  28. Bernd Eckenfels

    Will be useable as soon as we have Tablets with battery in this form factor ,)

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