The Sinking City Review – Immersive But Flawed Open-World Horror

The Sinking City Review – Immersive But Flawed Open-World Horror

When Lovecraftian horror meets Sherlock Holmes, you get The Sinking City. Ash and Jules bring you their lo w-down on the horrors terrorising Oakmont, MA. #TheSinkingCity

Read Ash’s full review here:

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  1. Jimmy Carter

    What's better this or Call of Cthulhu?

  2. Johnny S

    So is “The Sinking City” the same game as “Call Of Cthulhu” (that was released in Australia a few months ago)?

  3. Damion Duffy

    There should be a remaster or remake of dark corners of the earth that would be amazing that had an atmosphere that I've never really found in a game since.

  4. Dennis Alexis Hellström

    Jules is hot 🥵

  5. FatCat Jones

    Thank you!!! For pointing out not-so-nice thing about H. P. himself but you can still love it and that it’s a good game.

  6. Mike G

    The reviews all say that the load times make it a miserable experience, but hopefully the gameplay makes up for it. I enjoyed LA Noire and Murdered Soul Suspect, the latter of which was also badly reviewed.

  7. John Wessner

    And that's a buy!

  8. Dan C

    Oakmont is the name of a high school near my home town in Massachusetts 👍🏼

  9. Trevor Olague

    I will play any cthulu game

  10. Lukáš Meňhert

    Am I the only one to hear Navi at 0:11?

  11. Non-Lethal Twizzler

    Sell my sideways bowls or sell my greek coins[thinks to self] i dont have any dude

  12. Just Cause

    Do not judge “lovecraft” based on your modern sensibilities. Back in the 1920’s segregation and the separation of races was a normal everyday event: the average person in the USA would not have viewed segregation as “evil” it was a part of normal society. I am frankly tired of hearing people talk
    About racism and lovecraft: he was a product of his time and the game is about that era, stop bringing up racism as a factor to be considered. Games are not your social causes platform.

  13. John Silver

    His shirt says "SELL YOUR OBOL"

  14. Koa5191

    Ash. Shirt. Love.

  15. Captice Trice

    Whats this? slapping and punching a dead chicken? hold on, ill be right with ya…
    Dials number hello, is this PeTA?

  16. Evan Ahearne

    Are????? They???? Fuckin???

  17. Casually Shaggy

    Who thinks Ash & Jules should do a playthrough video?

  18. Justin Ortega

    It may be a little janky but to be honest, I'm just about ready to support any single player game without microtransactions nowadays.

  19. Antagonisto Principale

    Ash is basically Mozilla Firefox in woman shape

  20. HolyDezmondGamez

    The game kinda looks like a silent hill lovecraft game.

  21. Rudolf Frappuccino Games

    I wasted all of my tummy gun ammo on a huge enemy at the medicine place.(I reanimated) it made it much harder.

  22. Rudolf Frappuccino Games

    That is an amazing shirt ash! 👍

  23. Jordan Mork

    I feel like the investigative portion is enough to hook me. (Pffffhaha hook nice me, thanks me *high five*). I hate the “hand holding” that newer games has started doing.

  24. Michael Mooney

    I've been hoping there would start to be a little more representation in more mainstream media for eldritch horror. It's been a few years, but its getting there in some games and movies. Hopefully a series can be developed for Sinking City.

  25. Cornlips 4

    Great episode! Well done.

  26. Chrionz

    Epic Store Exclusive made me so sad.

  27. Chris Bridston

    Vampyr is way less clunky actually.. love this game .. but my main gripe is the massive screen tear when u turn left or right.. drives me nuts.. and that’s on a PS4 pro.. BUT.. I can live with it due to the other stuff that out weighs the graphics .. still fun.. just go into it knowing it’s not even on par with VAMPYR, Plague Tale.. etc “Plague Tale is a beautiful looking game by the way “🏆 so… quirky with a major splash of screen tear I hope they patch

  28. Donta Roberts

    All games that are first starting a series will always turn out bad

  29. dan Era

    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

    Sorry to hear that

  30. Dreams And Screams

    Bought this game and then got scared I spent too much money whilst it was downloading. It's clear now that the only thing to fear is fear itself

  31. Caelan Blake

    Does anyone else really want to see a whatculture dnd style series?

  32. Laurel Reef

    Ash, are you a Brummy by any chance? I’m one and sure I heard a faint twang….lol….

  33. Zerinth

    were you legally restricted in how much gameplay you were allowed to show? Coz other reviews show a lot more gameplay as opposed to you guys just mainly talking about it with small clips of gameplay.

  34. Dano84 Gaming

    Cant lie, that shirt is AWESOME Ash! Took a sec for me to realize what it was but then, bam, epiphany and I like it. As for the game, got jilted when it shifted to Epic store exclusive after being number 2 on my steam wishlist for so long. Looks interesting but I'll have to wait and see whenever it comes round if I remember it. It's one I wouldnt wanna roll on console so eh, we shall see. Great review though so I know what to look for when it comes round

  35. aSinisterKiid

    man, im so excited about this game.


    Will just wait till it is fixed n patched.

  37. Joss Abatayo

    Ash is a cutieeeee 😀

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