The Salty ONE by Beard Vape CO | #Teamnosteep Review

The Salty ONE by Beard Vape CO | #Teamnosteep Review

The Salty One E-Liquid (30ml): Flavors: Sweet and Sour Apple Berry – Sweet apples mix with tart berries for a sweet and sour mix. Strawberry – The One E-liquid to rule them all! A delicious frosted donut cereal covered in strawberry milk.

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#Teamnosteep means hassle free, up to par and worth the price… Honest and unbiased reviews from a real person for real people.. enjoy..


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  1. Big Steve

    Good job brother i know you liked it, and no buddy thats not a word 🤣👊

  2. king bennett

    Dope vid!

  3. JAYxPEE

    Yo was the fire in your into on purpose? Keep it 💯…… Either way it doesn't matter because that was awesome lol. Keep the 🔥 coming.

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