The Line Tool – Photoshop Tutorial


  1. RobinWoodEnt

    PS changed the way that all the vector tools work a while ago. I need to update this video, but haven't had a chance yet.

    In the meantime, if you have the menu set to Pixels, you'll make lines pretty much the way it shows in the video. (Notice that when you draw the line, you see a rectangle, because you are looking at the outline of your line.)

    If you are using Shape mode, though, it's all different, because now you can choose to either Fill or Stroke the shape. If you want something that looks like a line, not a rectangle, pick a Fill from the Options bar at the top of the screen, and make sure the Line is set to None (click on the Stroke swatch to open the picker, and click the rectangle on the far left with a red slash through it. )

    If you just want a line, with no arrow heads, you might be happier using the Pen tool. Make sure that Rubber Band is enabled, under the gear (settings) on the right in the Options bar, and that you are using Shape mode. Then click on the canvas to start your end point. (Don't drag, just click.) Move to where you want an end point. You'll see a line going from your cursor to the first point (that's the Rubber Band.) Click again where you want the end point. Then tap Enter on your keyboard to stop making line segments.

    You probably won't see anything but the path, but all you have to do is go up to the Fill and Stroke fields in the Options bar. Change the Fill to None (red slash) and choose any color for your stroke. Now you can change the stroke width, color, make it dotted, etc. as much as you want, at any time!

  2. B Thomas

    thank you. pls keep the tutorials coming.

  3. ferid ferid


  4. Vinodjain 00001

    how to draw line on canvas with measurable canvas area

  5. donsensey

    This is SO ASMR

  6. Edward Jacob2315

    why did my line tool wont have a color when i released it?

  7. Koorosh Haziny

    Excellent, thank you for the video, I appreciate that.

  8. K-LER

    how to draw with precise length? help. it's either 4.99cm or 5.01cm … i got so frustrated right now…

  9. Neeners

    I love your voice it's amazing
    also thank you I've been using ps for too damn long not to have known abt this lol

  10. TheMFKidz

    you were super distracted talking about arrows, you didn't go back to to discuss Line Paths, as you said you would.

  11. legoman7041

    I don't have a line tool, instead it draws shapes like rectangles and arrows and even boxes filled with bubbles. But no lines.

  12. First Name

    Thank you.. I am using CS4 and needed to add arrows in Photoshop, and your video has saved me a great deal of time! Adding arrows in Photohop is slightly different to adding them in Illustrator, and your video highlights all the differences.

  13. Mayara Gandolfi

    its july 2018 and this video helped me soooooo much in the first 40 seconds hahahhaha kisses from Br!!

  14. qtsypootsy

    1:51 – I want to add an arrow head but there is no "reveal triangle" for me.

  15. Naveen Kumar


    My Name is Naveen when i'm doing one design i used line tool
    but it comes like a arrow shape what can i do please help me i hope u
    what is my problem

    Thanks and Regards
    Naveen kumar

  16. metube

    it's not terribly obvious where the line tool is because ADOBE SUCK AT UI DESIGN. Despit making millions for doing basically nothing to an ancient programme they still can't be bothered to hire a proper interface designer. Honestly I can't wait until this horrible software dies its death

  17. MeRkHaze

    You have a pleasing voice. You should totally do ASMR

  18. HaBe Cheetah

    Very helpful and concise. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Mats Ittonen

    Nice tutorial. But is there any easy way to keep the thickness of the curved line constant, i.e. to keep the outlines parallel to each other when making the curve?

  20. Avinash Gaikwad

    Good guide………!!

  21. Jelster64

    exactly what I needed, thank you

  22. Akvile Vitkauskaite

    Thank you, great tutorial

  23. Trishia U

    finally..someone who really really teach how to do things at a normal speed and in a way that a novice can follow. THANK YOU!!!! You are so much appreciated!!

  24. Mk Gautam

    Thanks, it was very helpful

  25. TomoChan


  26. xGerbil

    When I attempt to use the line tool, it brings up a huge arrow. Does anyone know of a way to fix this?

  27. angel angel

    whay path selection tool is, not line tool when add lone tools

  28. Mamiya Phan

    a minute into video have not learned a thing

  29. Bob Wire

    Thank You, very helpful

  30. Jabar Nur Muhamad

    damn what a good video! Many thanks for you! love ur voice too <3

  31. Marianne Uptegrove

    My line tool makes rectangles instead of lines! Any help anyone?

  32. Chinthaka S Priyankara

    Thank you very much

  33. 너부리맨

    OMG it helped me a lot… and I can't believe its 2010 video Lol

  34. Arizona

    OH snap, my problem it was in inches and not PX. thank you so much

  35. Julian Schecter

    Hello Robin. Thanks for this! You're a lifesaver! You just earned a new subscriber! By the way, you have a lovely voice! 🙂

  36. JXGaming

    arrow heads should not be included in photoshop!

  37. Gabriel L.Biadola


  38. Toa Gatanuva

    Can you bend existing lines/marked lines?

  39. mike jduk

    What's all this about arrow heads? All I wanted to know was how to change the colour of the line. I fell asleep half way through and began dreaming about cowboys and injuns. Must've been all that talk about arrows!

  40. whippin powerwheels

    u sound like alantutorial

  41. Jay Beegz

    My Lines do not stay. Like I draw it out with 3px for height and width and when I got to change layer it disappears.

  42. Nicola An

    Thank you 🙂

  43. greggv8

    What I want to know is how to make the rounded or mitered line joins and rounded ends in CS6 work.

  44. casey

    thank you, finally

  45. Kathy McCreedy

    VERY nice, thank you! You have a great voice for this, very easy to listen to. Not sure why your key strokes are so noisy, but the overall quality of your tutorial is outstanding.
    Thank you very much!

  46. Hari Krisnan

    Very Very Thank you ji

  47. Alfred Ayache

    Thanks a bunch, Robin. Gave me everything I was looking for.

  48. killixa

    Thank you so much!

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