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The First Medal of Honor Ever Recorded

March 4, 2002: John Chapman, an Air Force Combat Controller, along with a SEAL Team, are attempting to rescue their lost teammate. You’ll watch Chapman’s stunning and heroic actions as he saves the lives of his entire SEAL team, and another 18 members of a quick-reaction force, to earn America’s highest honor: The Medal of Honor.

For more information about Chapman’s heroic actions, check out the book Alone At Dawn, available here:

Footage captured via CIA Predator Drone

Voice Over: Dan Schilling (author)
Video by: Sputnik Productions


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  1. Samantha Smith

    A man who truly fought for those he loved until his final breath. There are not words to classify this level of pure hero.

  2. EGvids1

    With all respect to the Air Force. John Chapman should have been a Delta Force operator. Respect to him for his heroic actions and for fighting like a true warrior until the end.

  3. makaveli thedon

    A Master of Combat! Totally textbook blitz and positioning capabilities! Insane showcase of bravesness and courage! We salute you Sir from Turkey

  4. The African 74

    16 bullet and Shrapnel wounds and he still didn't get a UAV damp it be like that sometimes

    Seriously tho what a fucking badass yqboi was an alpha

  5. hyperion

    I very much admire Chapman's courage. His genetics are those of the finest warriors that ever could exist in human history.

    Yet he died in Afghanistan, a nation that was never a threat to US citizens.

    Every single conflict in the Middle East the US govt places our fighting men is a mire to no end and a genocide to the very best bloodline to our people.

    Billions of dollars paid for by US taxpayers towards endless conflict they never ever wanted to be indebted for.

    Yet, somehow, behind the scenes, our "elected" politicians continue to use the US military and US taxpayers to fight and fund wars for Israel. >>AIPAC<<

    This includes the US presence fighting in Afghanistan.

    RIP John Chapman.

    Your valor, tenacity and the will to fight on for your Brothers and your People against all odds will be remembered forever.

    Till Valhall !!!

    God, family, nation!!!

  6. j1992

    So he gets killd for what? He had thirteen men and a helicopter. Its as if the leadrs ove the service gus play games. This why ill never sign up for military. Makes no since and to come back to amercia and see what you fighting for??? Smh. And they can get away with bcuz they fae things like 911 and create fake threats. So people think we need a army. There is no country tht is gonna ty to envade america. And to b honest we have already been envaded JUST LOK AROUND. EVERY CULTER IS HERE EXCEPT THE ABORIGINES. Americans forgt tht this land was taking by the ppl runing it now.

  7. A Flick

    It’s a fucking shame they sent these guys in. They KNEW exactly what they were facing. Also, the guys that hung back should be fucking ashamed.

  8. Aaron Garza

    MSGT. Chapman got good men killed and acted alone instead of as a auxiliary support member for the Seal team like he was suppose to. I can understand why the Seal team fought against him getting the Medal. He honestly, doesn't deserve the medal.

    I will say, he was a tough guy. To bad he wasn't a team player.

  9. Claude Vanlalhruaia

    Well, my thoughts on his thoughts during those few last hours of heroic act is that he feels like going home, see his loved ones, someone to comfort him and says everything is gonna be alright, some profound hope of someone saving him, regrets of some sorts, panic, pain, dread feeling of hopelessness and so much more, I can only contempt.
    But, in spite of all these emotions, he stood up, held his ground and confirmed his heart to fight to the last breath, to save his comrade and go down until he can swing no more. It is not because he is fearless or has massive balls but because he conquers all those feelings and chooses to fight,, fight for honor and his comrades, fight to conquer even death and live on in our hearts, at least that's what I believe.

  10. theevil mrbrainpain

    first, respect for those who fought in a war against terror. RIP chapman, u were a pride for a soldier. so sad u gone.
    second, why the hell did someone send his own men on an exposed position on top of a mountain??
    just cant understand it…

  11. Thomas Bacon

    Maybe he was getting a divorce back home? What else would explain his action other than, like the man said, "massive balls". Or most likely an incredible love for his teammates.

  12. Jose Perez

    We are truly blessed to be living in the United States of America. When you see our flag remember that the red stripes are the blood of fallen heroes, the reason you and I walk free in the greatest nation ever made.

    A nation made because people like him gave ALL for all of us. This brings tears to my eyes, the pride and dedication of these Americans, true heroes and brothers to all of us. We are one nation, one people and we must never forget what these Americans have done for all of us.

    Next time you see someone who doesn’t want to take a knee or pause and respect our flag that they are forgetting the real people who make it wave in the air so we can walk and talk free under it.
    Regardless of any politician or daily issue that faces America in the headlines think of the fallen heroes and think how lucky you are that someone put their life on the line or sacrificed their life so that you can say anything you want under that waving flag. Nobody is above respecting the flag and those that have given us this freedom. Being an American is also about respect and remembrance to those that serve us daily and those that have died for the cause. God Bless America and All that have given so much for us.

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