The Final Hours of Half-Life: Alyx — Behind Closed Doors at Valve Interview

The Final Hours of Half-Life: Alyx — Behind Closed Doors at Valve Interview

Geoff Keighley goes inside Valve to announce his next project: The Final Hours of Half-Life: Alyx, a look inside the past decade at Valve Software.

For more on Half-Life: Alyx, tune into The Game Awards, streaming live December 12th.

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In 2020, Geoff Keighley (The Game Awards) returns to his landmark Final Hours series for a new chapter chronicling Valve’s surprising return to the Half-Life series.

This multimedia experience, created by Keighley over the past 9 years, takes customers inside Valve, one of the world’s most acclaimed developers, for a surprisingly honest and personal look at the ups and downs of the creative process.

Keighley began his Final Hours series 21 years ago, in 1998, with The Final Hours of Half-Life, which he wrote as a sophomore in University. It was followed by The Final Hours of Half-Life 2 (2004) and The Final Hours of Portal 2 (2011).


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  1. ColossusSteppes

    So excited to play the new co-op game, Half-Life: Winston and Laszlo

  2. Yogesh Rao

    If these guys are scared, why not let those ambitious half life fan devs make it. I am sure it would be AAA level stuff. Being scared isn't an option.

  3. Anakin Skywalker

    Guys, I think the guy with the glasses is Gordon Freeman.

  4. Mark Dillon

    VR is a very small audience. This isn't made for money that's for sure.

  5. T. R.

    the guy in the red "redish" shirt just does not want to be there. he looks like adam sandler in his latest movies


    how is it companies refuse to make stuff people want … can we kickstarter full death 3!

  7. amacon

    the guys with vr headsets seems like they've a headcrab on them…

  8. Golden Apple

    All Valve games on steam is now 90% off.

  9. Thomas Law

    What about us old farts who have no interest in vr? What about us. F U Valve

  10. Angel ofIron

    They should have done both, VR and PC but hey it's still good

  11. Rin


  12. StabYourBrain

    I have lived to see Shenmue 3.. and i will live to see Half-Life 3. Please Valve.

  13. Rafaeru

    Hope it sells well and that the game is good.

  14. Dan The Man

    We need Left 4 Dead VR next.

  15. Quazar dos Animes

    They need to at least make HL3, not end on a cliffhanger, then they could take more time to do HL4 or if HL3 ended with a good ending, they didn't even would have to make more HL games, they could make more prequels, but please Valve, just finish what you started…

  16. LeninNCM

    Yeah boi

  17. Tim R

    Can't help but think the whole "valve getting back into game development" thing happened at a strategic time. Epic, rockstar and others are making their own online stores and threatening valve's Monopoly. Maybe they realized it was time to get back to work

  18. Boocat

    Where's Half life 3??

  19. DrKleiner0815

    How to not determine Wages during job interview at valve: Something of 3.
    3 thousands

  20. NotOrdinaryInGames

    >we can only make a sequel to a beloved series if it utilizes revolutionary technology, whether existing fans want that technology or not

  21. Alex T

    Imagine spending all this time and hard work for a product with a minimal install base to play it.

  22. sirmicro

    Don't forget to add cranes!

  23. Zacolian

    0:54 "Absolute Secrecy" VNN has been covering this for what? three years now?

  24. Cameron Smith

    They’ll come out with Half Life 3, when GabeN is an actual neural network AI.

  25. Limposium

    People with decent VR-setups will gain a lot of new friends. It will be like the olden days, when children gathered at the one kid's house, where there was a computer fast enough to play the coolest game.

  26. Stevie Randle

    seems a bit cunty to be like cool game etc…..but whats after that? so entitled

  27. TheFreakonate

    RIP Barney ☹

  28. deztructo123

    Half-life not half-life.

    Did they lose their creative team and no one left has any clue as to what comes next in the HL story?

    HL died, let it RIP.

  29. Brian B

    It’s still just a VR game in the end. A deluxe experience, not for every occasion. As a half-life fan it’s not what i wanted. Expected i guess.

  30. Tyrus Cheese

    Does it really need half a life to finish this franchise?

  31. xRockStarx13

    Can we get another Portal game please );

  32. Rasterz

    looks nice. but, i don't have vr. not enough vr games to interest me to buy a set

  33. Silentium

    Well shit… I really dont want to spend $400-$900 on a VR headset. I feel kinda sad :/

  34. Laugh N Half

    The problem with Episode 2 is that it ended in a cliffhanger. The thirst for Halflife 3/episode 3 was intensified because of that fact…

  35. Connor Carmen

    love half life alyx or no hl3 …EVER

  36. Mahomi Nishiyama

    The interviewer was probably a bit nervous, but I really had to cringe every time he repeated their points back to them in a longer and less interesting way (as if he had thought of them).

  37. User Name

    you can see the devs eyes sink further into their soul sockets when the guy says "the DNA of that product" when referring to one of the games.

  38. User Name

    "we kinda ruled out multiplayer" .. I personally play multiplayer games 99% of the time in VR. i will play alyx and go right back to multiplayer. i personally do not like single player VR games.

  39. User Name

    why do these three poor devs look like they have their souls trapped in some harry potter demon chest across the world.

  40. Yaboibunsen

    I'm gonna show my VR children I was here

  41. Aiman Hafeez

    can we still bunny hop?

  42. A Grinzerator

    I don't care about some stupid prequel. I want Half-Life 3.

  43. 千Sean

    Half life Alyx: [Releases]
    Me: Where's the locusts, earthquakes and the rapture?

  44. YouTubeCat

    So basically their gonna do spinoffs for each half life character, upside down and all around before they ever work on hl3 sigh

  45. soapchin

    o wow dat

  46. BalticFin

    Geoff you gotta fox that posture

  47. S Sinistrari

    So the most irritating thing about the game, Alex, is what they decide to go with. How PC. Half-Life is Gordon Freeman. FAIL.

  48. Chris S

    VR – valve is really leading the way with VR. I’m relieved to see that Half-life is still treated like the treasure it is. The take away seems to be that they would only use the Half-life IP when VR when the VR experience was good enough. Experience being gameplay and hardware.

  49. Crisp Eaterson

    0:01… Ohhh this guy.. 😒

  50. TattooedDancer91

    Wow it's so obvious that toxic fanbases really impact the creators. Just see how nervous they get when Geoff tries to push for information on HL3. The pressure must be intense.

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