The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Review

The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Review

The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr reviewed by Joseph Bradford on PC.

Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr: 5 Minutes of Necromancer Gameplay:

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Review:

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  1. Brad BradBradBrad

    a fantastic new necromancer class … That's debatable.

  2. James Wonka

    Looks exactly like World of Warcraft

  3. حسام عبدالقادر

    Hey Guys I want to get into mmos ! Should I start with eso ?? And is it necessary to get all of the dlcs??

  4. Ky

    How is he playing with no lag?

  5. Quantum

    hero engine …………………

  6. Ravus

    Skyrim dragons were menacing ? if you say so.

  7. Ik ben je oma

    "these beasts lack any of the menace of the dragons in skyrim, they're a let down" Lol the dragons in skyrim are a let down :') Don't tell me that you actually think the dragons in skyrim are designed well :O.

  8. Dec Dec

    Does sumerset the base game and morrowind come with it?

  9. Grim Reaper

    I bought ESO about a month ago from Steam's Summer Sale. Complete trash. Boring. Refunded it…Sike. I play the Templar Class (Paladin/Warrior). I have about 75 hours in it and I'm looking to get the ultimate DLC, not just Morrowind or Summerset, but Elsweyr the Collector's Edition. It's $80, currently on sale for $51 on their own site.

  10. Minecraft Warlord

    I love Elsweyr but hate ESO so I don't know if I should buy

  11. Diamond.Cr00ks

    30 hours to complete the content? What did you do? Walk?

  12. Zi&D

    ESO is game where fps drop that much on high pc and where server performance are trush
    class balancing is not existant as nightblade is the best class for pve and pvp
    also loot boxes …

  13. Deepak Singh

    hmm ill rather wait for a TES6 or a new witcher game/spin off , or hell dragon age 4 would do too and if i really want to put my standards below ill wait for diablo 4

  14. chadstaxxx


  15. Darius Jarvis

    What’s the spine thing on the Necromancers back?

  16. Axeassasin Games

    How much is the game

  17. Abul Quamer

    IGN wish you offerred 1440p and 4k footage for your streams

  18. Orly


  19. Ubi Soft

    I think it’s been a blast playing eso

  20. Thursdayangel Gummybear

    Shadowbringers: hold my beer

  21. Kentaro

    Not worth it. Better to look elsweyr.

  22. James Freeman

    More dragons yawn. Don't even have CE for this expansion.

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