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The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star | Trailer

Coming 10.1
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  1. Mimi Ethridge

    Just thinking about Shane's humble beginnings from the first video I ever watched (Shananay) makes me feel so nostalgic. So happy how far his channel ,and his personal growth , has come!!

  2. Anastasia Benesh

    The song is completely relatable except for I don’t wanna be popular I once did… it really gets you nowhere it’s just a reputation that you have for a few years then you never have again plus it’s stressful it’s better off being alone or have one friend that’s at least not fake… just remember be you ♥️♥️ just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you don’t mean anything… I’m here for you… I love you

  3. Adam Lombardi

    Shane Dawson you talented mofo. 3:16 is the most iconic trailer moment I’ve ever seen. You’re literally paving the way for greats that aren’t even known yet. Congrats on a wonderful series so far!!!

  4. India Coers

    I love the song in the beginning!!!! I loved this!!! So excited for all the rest! I knew this was gonna be "SIC"!!!!!❤️👏

  5. deekat3279

    If you've seen SPOOKY FILMZ ENT saying, "please hate this video" go to his channel. The first video is the one he wants us to dislike because even if you click dislike and leave, it counts as a view. DON'T DO IT!!! Pls report as spam.
    — Shane fan

  6. Bawanthi Jayaweera

    I love the way Jeffree treats you Shane like looking after his little brother.. He helps you so much and really adore you.. we all need a friend like him, you’re so lucky to have him in your life. I watched this thousand times, brought tears into my eyes ❤️

  7. искусство

    No one wants to know about some ugly fucking clown can you just upload conspiracy theories or something fucking hell

  8. Bee Randi

    I just want to say my grandmother has always loved pigs. Her home was full of collectables. Pig anything you can think of. I'm crying watching this, I knew JS in jr high and hes such an Amazing person. Shane was the 1st youtuber I've ever watched stating 12 years ago. I struggle with weight loss and he is very relatable. I wish nothing but good things for you both. I cant wait to see the collection! ❤👍

  9. - Marley Rae -

    I don’t know why but that scene of Shane doing Andrews makeup makes me so happy and content. I don’t know how to explain it.

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