Swagger Never Dies | Old Spice x Adam W

Swagger Never Dies | Old Spice x Adam W

In this video, routine is like a piece of plywood and Old Spice Swagger is a majestic, black belt status karate chop that’ll shatter it into a million pieces.

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  1. Ruzael

    Swagger… Swagger never changes.

  2. bwoboo


  3. Michael Ferchmin-rowe

    Let’s at least pay respect to the fact that their trying to appeal to is youngsters.

  4. wtfisthis451

    for anyone who asking, song played before entering club is catiso-beat

  5. High Movie Reviews

    God I love these.

  6. MsHelloWorldtv

    Everything is flowers now I HATE IT!!!!

  7. Strykerx31


  8. Rhiannon Xuela Marie

    Old spice is on a roll today. Taking notes out of the Jenelle Elaina YouTube handbook….lol

  9. JOsh Po

    The only Adam W I know is Adam West

  10. Elizabeth Torres

    👩🏻‍💼My favorite Old Spice Scent that I use…that's right folks! I am a woman and proud to be using, Old Spice BearGlove Deodorant. It has a light refreshing musk/cinnamon clove scent which is gender friendly, and never over powering.
    Now everyone can fully enjoy the benefits of the Old Spice Wild🍃 Collection and be happy! I have been using it since it came out. Now a message to Old Spice, you want your product ratings up!

  11. Keirnoth

    This guy's the representation of the modern metropolitan male.

    The man your man probably shouldn't be.

    Where's Crews? Where's Isaiah? Who the heck is this guy?

  12. Black shuck

    I'm switching to Right guard. this commercial sucks

  13. famously anonymous

    This only got views because of adam

  14. Friday Gillespie

    What beautiful ad

  15. Trevor Phillips


  16. KNIFEGUY 1701

    Only time when I'll watch an ad willingly or click onna ad 😂😂

  17. Josary Benavides

    Hey they are Tik tokers

  18. gacha the cat

    I love their vines and videos

  19. Christian's Minecraft Let's Plays

    Why does that dude look like derek gerard?

  20. Venom

    bro it’s adam and twan 😂

  21. Kayla

    oh god no where is safe from bad instagram comedians

  22. broke homie joe

    Old spice never really madr sense but this one is of the charts lolol

  23. Johnny Kk07

    Can’t believe his in this commercial

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