Streets of Rage 4 should be worried! River City Girls REVIEW – SGR

Streets of Rage 4 should be worried! River City Girls REVIEW – SGR

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I always stand up and take notice when a new Side scrolling beat em up makes its way onto new systems and River City Girls is one of the best I have played in a long LONG time!

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  1. André Vila Franca

    PLEASE play and review BLASPHEMOUS. Tremendous pixel art, dark fantasy story, great atmosphere, music, solid gameplay, unique and amazing aesthetic. I hope we get a sequel.
    Check it out!

  2. André Vila Franca

    SoR 4 gameplay looks super'll get boring after the first 10 minutes.It's too repetitive due to the lack of deffense and attack options.The overal aesthetics look good though and props for bringing Yuzo Koshiro back.

    But we DESPERATELY need blocking and/or parry mechanics, cancels to break and/or prolong combos and dashes for all characters.

  3. Dinner Blaster

    RCG needs some serious improvements on hitboxes as well as boss fights patterns.

  4. Troy Wright

    eh……no I don't like the soundtrack…'s not bad, but for me this is not how I like my beat em ups.

    Game looks ok.

  5. MDKAI

    I do miss my classic beat em ups. This looks amazing.

  6. kailomonkey

    I gave in and bought the game full price off PSN 🙂 Loving it though they could have used a different button for using exits and bus stops other than an attack button. Sometime end up leaving a location while trying to punch someone!

  7. VideoJamesNZ

    I don't think Streets of Rage 4 has anything to worry about, this game sucks. It's honestly the worst side scrolling beat em up I've ever played. I could look past the shitty, cringey, unrelatable characters if the game didn't consist of running all around a map doing boring chores with enemies constantly spawning. If you enjoyed it, then that's all good. I've personally played better side scrolling beat em ups…The first River City Ransom was a much better design and flowed alot nicer.

  8. Jim Knapp

    The fighting animations look a little stiff/slow to me. Is the game’s fighting pace better than it looks? I almost feel like I would end up getting impatient at points with how slow attacks seem to flow.

  9. Tommy Phras

    I was hoping to see you as an npc xD. You would rock as a store clerk! XD

  10. Tony

    I got a River City Girls commercial in the middle of the video, how fitting.

  11. FlameAdder

    Except Streets of Rage doesn't look like pixelated ass

  12. tsangpogorge

    like the gameplay but its 'anime' style presentation just doesn't appeal to me.

  13. Barry Aldridge

    I love the style of this game. Glad Im getting this from Limited Run Games.

  14. forastero54321

    I heard river city girls has no death penalty. If that's true it will bring down the score a little for me…

  15. MrThunderwing

    Dan, have you played The Ninja Saviours: Return of the Warriors (AKA The Ninja Warriors Once Again)? I'd be interested in your thought on it…

  16. Batz130

    Where's the Xbox one games case art? Biased much. Wtf man

  17. Batz130

    This game looks like alot of fun, but no way for $29.99, due to the pixel graphics being hard on the eyes. Price should be slashed to $14.99. that's fair 🤔

  18. Kevin Huiskamp

    i ordered the Limited Run games version and i'm dying to play it but it's gonna be like a month before it gets here

  19. StrayGamer

    SOR4 has NOTHING to worry about at all

  20. Allec Azzam

    This game is so damn fun! I've been having a blast with it!

  21. Geoff good gamer

    Dude I loves this game,but can't wait for streets of Rage 4

  22. SPac316

    This game looks fun but I'm still looking forward to SoR4, regardless. I can play both, of course!

  23. GeoNeilUK

    Trust Tecmo – the company that brought us the Dead Or Alive series – with a game centred around girls!

    And I wonder, how would the Streets Of Rage franchise have fared if Sega had adopted Streets Of Rage Remake? SORR is a brilliant game.

    Also, what's the betting on the River City Girls characters becoming DLC characters for DOA6?


  24. Adam D.

    Thanks, Dan. A great review and now, a great purchase. A bit pricey for some, but plays so well. I was a bit put off by the anime style, but it's actually quite funny in places. Cheers, Dan.

  25. BlastProcX

    So should i buy this or SOR4?

  26. Matthew Bauer

    I watched the 1st 5 mins of the video then decided this game is for me. Downloaded it to my switch… I love it.

  27. Hipster Black Metal

    LOL the river city girls gfx looks like a browser flash game.

  28. Sewer Shark


  29. T. P.

    Going on my PS4 wish list.

  30. Me Cooper

    It looks pretty cool. Although I'm kinda sick of everything being anime looking these days.

  31. Nikolas Mace

    Can you look at Mario and Luigi🐢🍄

  32. Nikolas Mace

    Can you look at Mega man 🤖

  33. AeroQC

    Oh my god, Kyoko dabs in this game. XD

  34. Vahlok142

    In B4 someone does a hit piece on it calling it woke trash or something.

  35. CheFAR

    The game is good, sadly the characters you chose from are so garbage that ruins the fun.

  36. Santtu

    >better known to us western folk as River City Ransom
    It's called Street Gangs in PAL regions…

  37. Stewart Bladen

    Just wasted £30 cause of you Dan. This game sucks balls. Loads of cheap unlockable move by the enemy, boring move set that takes forever to unlock anything and you will die so many times just getting out of the school that it makes picking money up a waste of time. I love side scrolling beat em ups but this is just shit. You've got 3 moves for the first few hours, a pointless jump kick, a punch and a head butt. Oh and the weapons are crap. The baseball bat is pointless as you can't hit anybody and the collision detection is atrocious.
    Avoid like the plage.

  38. Crispy Crunchy

    I’ve been on a brawler kick lately, so I’m definitely picking this one up soon. Maybe it’ll be enough to hold me over until Battletoads and Streets Of Rage 4!

  39. Jon Davies

    Those crazy songs!

  40. John V

    Please do a video on the History on the Kunio-kun franchise in the near future.

  41. nate joe

    Other than that Streets of rage 4"is going to be on all systems I think the only one I could think that it might not be on is the Nintendo switch but I doubt it I think it's coming to all systems

  42. nate joe

    I would get this game if it's on Xbox One or the Nintendo switch

  43. nate joe

    And is this only for PlayStation every since PlayStation 3 I have not been a big PlayStation fan I really don't like Playstation 3 or PlayStation 4

  44. nate joe

    I might be getting Streets of rage 4

  45. Sine Nomine

    how can a videogame, a dead thing made of 1s and 0s express any sort of emotion, let alone worry

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