Steel Division 2 Review


  1. R K

    Only two options, Play as Evil or Play as Evil. thanks

  2. Maddy Muhat

    Is this better than command and conquer generals?

  3. RxD Viper

    Can someone who has played the game tell me if I should get steel division 1 or 2

  4. PHeMoX

    Female led Soviet sniper squads? Yeah how about no. In terms of historic accuracy there were only a handful of female snipers compared to other soldiers. Most of these women died within the first days of service. The vast majority did not survive the war. We're talking about half a million snipers in total, from which only 2400 or so were female of which literally only 490 or so survived the war. And that's probably not even a very accurate number at that, knowing how there was a massive propaganda machine at play. Most likely there were much less female snipers. So no, there definitely was no such thing as female sniper led squads. In fact, that's not how Soviet snipers operated anyway. And even then a sniper team consists of only 2 people. And a lot of the 'designated marksmen' in regular Soviet squads during world war 2 did not have proper sniper weapons, but simply had weapons with a longer range than a submachine gun. Most of these 'designated marksmen' in WW2 squads had regular Mosin Nagant model 1891 infantry rifles. And there's nothing about a sniper that would make them squad leader by default either. Last but not least, the Soviet snipers with the most kills did so from defensive positions in the larger cities. There's no way those operated in actual 'squads'. More likely they operated alone. And the Soviets lost this advantage by the time they fought outside of the larger cities and got more on the offence, with German snipers in defensive positions killing a lot of soldiers in turn.

  5. plaguelock

    This reviewer is terrible. He doesn't know how to play the game, sending weak units against armor and complains it's the game mode that's bad, and not the person playing. Cries about the graphics, while playing on low settings without even enabling anti-aliasing. This review is a joke.

  6. Norman Hall

    I don't even know why I watched a review by IGN

  7. Byzantium

    I don't understand why these people are involved in the gaming and review community. It's like these companies try to find people who can't even get a basic grasp of a game within an hour or two. Which is a reasonable amount of time to get SOME mechanical understanding if you've been exposed to the same genre in the past, and if you're reviewing a game when you obviously don't understand it, DON'T REVIEW IT YOU DUMBFUCK. Some of these reviewers probably play more games than I do but can't seem to learn. I don't get it.

  8. Seb seb

    To me SD1 is really much better than SD2…they are different games and SD1 is more micro-management….SD1: 17/20 SD2: 12/20

  9. bonbonoof oof

    Critics the lack of any eastern front content in the previous installment, Steel Division: Normandy 1944

    Like dude, the name implies Normandy. I wouldve found it weird if i saw Soviet tanks on French soil, like im pretty sure there isnt any Soviet units participating in D-Day

  10. Shane Torlay

    terrible review….the game is awesome, especially on ultra graphics settings instead of LOW LOL

  11. CKR

    Pathetic graphics, hard pass

  12. Paulo F.

    In the previous game there was a great sense of injustice,our troops become pinned with one shot, our tanks misses two or three shots, and when aim the target the enemy never was destroyed. The idea of ​​the game is excellent but poorly executed, not having access to the units on the ground without having to search them one by one is insane, the interface is bad, it seems like an indie game. I will buy this one on sale,because I really like the idea, and I hope that they patch this new one,until be almost perfect.

  13. Bors9

    bad review

  14. Aintolon

    you didnt mention multiplayer battles and there is a problem there, its not 50-50 fight when u play germans you have 90% to win the battle allys strugle just to keep in defence! thats all

  15. Rodrigo Guimaraes

    This guy has no idea how to play army general mode and bashes the game for it. Im done with IGN´s dumb reviews, there are youtubers out there doing a much better job of reviewing games. If you want to lean how to play this game just check out tutorials on YT.

  16. Tony Kalli

    Eye Candy only, AI visibly cheats what a pity

  17. Andy Sat

    The campaign is patched weekly. Tutorials are available on Youtube.

  18. APEX

    "my love for the eastern front"

    Games Journalist confirmed

  19. BlackBirdBlitz

    So let me get this straight. You jumped into the game like some ill-informed console kid, with no prior knowledge, or research, and attacked an armored unit supported by artillery with recon units? The game mode is not a disaster, but your tactical/strategic knowledge sure is.

  20. BoHjalmarGames

    Sets game to low

    Complains about graphics

    Doesn't correct themselves after people point it out

  21. Danny F

    better score than PC Gamer who gave this game 6.1.

  22. Rune

    Doesn't like army general because he rushes recon infantry into enemy lines then doesn't like how there is no tutorial. I don't think the lack of tutorial is the reason for the failure to think at least one step ahead.

  23. gimlikos84 Kos

    So Halo Wars 2 was much better, compare to Steel Division 2 ? hahahahaha IGN you are the best hahaha

  24. Łukasz Wójcik

    One of the best strategy ever!

  25. D Soder

    Why review a game on lowest graphic settings ?

  26. Jack Booth

    Typical ign comments. How dare they have an opinion on a game that I don't agree with.

  27. ApexPredator 83

    6.9.Because not nintendo or sony game.

  28. Tristin Day

    Any games like this on ps4??? somone lemme know

  29. Drew J

    Unit needs better details and better textures

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