*SPECIAL* [Vietnam] Fire Drill With Rare ‘Piercing-Arm’ Truck!

*SPECIAL* [Vietnam] Fire Drill With Rare ‘Piercing-Arm’ Truck!

Captured here is a firefighting exercise in downtown Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). The drill was held at the Metropolitan building in the city center and the District 1 division of the Ho Chi Minh City Fire Department responded to the simulation with a command car, utility vehicle, ladder, pumper, and a rarely seen Gimaex/ Gradall robotic ‘piercing-arm’ pumper. This tool enables firefighters to break through a roof or wall during a structure fire, and the nozzle can then pump thousands of liters of water directly into the interior. Also seen in the video are two ambulances responding to unrelated real-life emergencies.


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LOCATION: Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam
TAKEN: December 2017

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  1. 3 que xỏ lá

    Ambulance in VN should have a gorvernment License plates

  2. HolySmörebröd

    Wie hoch geht die Drehleiter? Weil die ist doch größer als ne DLK 23/12

  3. Team Minehill

    What does the different colors of emergency lights mean? Red – Red, Red – Blue, Blue – Blue?!

    Why they have all different lights?

  4. Foxy The Pirate Fox

    It looks rare

  5. police motorcade

    Best fire truck

  6. DragonEmergencyVideos

    Amazing catches mate! Love that truck

  7. Rescue-Bayern

    Die haben aber keine UVV xD

  8. marlene

    great vid timur.

  9. Amanda Scott

    Nice catch 👍🏼.

  10. Fire Phoenix Emergency Videos 火鳳凰特殊車輛影視

    Oh man…. every Vietnam vid you put out is a treat, but a Vietnam FIRE video? That's a three-course gourmet meal 🙂

    And the piercing arm truck is a real neat feat for them to have! (Worth noting is that it has a One-Seven system too which allows it to use both foam and water) Hopefully as time goes on they get better equipment to go with it.

  11. Ngọc Bích


  12. Feuerwehr Warendorf Einsatzfahrten

    Boah, Hauptsache im Einsatzfahrzeug Rauchen!😐

  13. Noah Jones

    The amount of lighting is very horrible and is not visible at all

  14. Noah Jones

    The military bikes are embarrassing

  15. Andrew Rescue 31

    Awesome video!

  16. Roblox Turc

    Very nice but in vietnam why they no pulling over when coming emergency with siren on and lightbar on but do with emergency romanian that so cool 🙂

  17. Saudi Ball

    Man I just love the private SOS ambulance!

  18. Nicolas Vega

    The Man truck is good, but the uniforms of these firefighters are terrible, it's a shame, I hope these guys get better uniforms 🙁

  19. lucaslaughing

    Wow, very cool footage – thanks for uploading!

  20. Jordan Bastian Bermudez

    Nice Video!

  21. XxKaiju_123xX

    The sirens sounds like from the US little bit of the Man TGS pierce-arm fire truck 1:54

  22. Canadian Emergency Buff

    Excellent catches Timur!! Interesting truck with a Piercing arm on it.

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