Silencio S600 and S400 Review – Low Noise at a Cost…


  1. Jango17

    The front on the S400 supports up to 280mm radiators, according to their website at least.

  2. Walt Kowalski

    if this will have fan controller like in fractal i will buy it

  3. Torka

    I dont know a single person that would do a new build and not fill the case with noctuas or cougars. The thought of knocking a case because of its included fans (or lack there of) is incomprehensible to me.

  4. Lukas Koch

    Thank you so much for the Tests! 😀

  5. Brian Howard

    Nice update to Silencio. Very pretty yet unassuming, professional looking. I have an original from 2012 and it still looks fresh but woeful air flow (lucky I don't overclock :-)). REALLY good to see Optical Drive is still an option – FRACTAL Define R6 take note!! New Silencio looks professional so may suit many that want it for that reason. I've had my eye taken recently by the Evolve X but no Optical Drive option pains me and has held me back, same with Farctal Define R6 – both exemplary cases withOUT OD option. A content creator and video editor needs OD. These new models should have had a cutout to show off the wonderful PSUs you can buy these days. I love to show mine off as much as my GPU or MoBo. Why companies like this and Fractal insist on hiding beautiful $500 PSU purchases under a damn shroud boggles the mind. You can hide the cables and still show off the body/name of the PSU – what the hell are these case makers thinking? Thanks fellow Aussie for this great 'red-eye' review! Cheers- Brian (Sydney Australia)

  6. Fusion_x_Frost

    Sometimes better airflow and better cooling will result in lower fan speeds so lower noise. That’s why I prefer to have airflow as it’s probably quieter than having dampening.

  7. CrowDazzle

    Great looking case, but the not-so-front io location wrecks it for me.

  8. Guy Murphy

    What is that opening tune? You get an upvote every time just for that tune 🙂


    What about the Little Devil PC-V10 with duel cooler probes to get the Threadripper down to -70 degrees below zero and comes in Black or White, only drawback with said cases is the weight of the cooling system+case

  10. Chris R

    all the reviews slate the temperatures but don't have proper fan config its annoying, if i buy this case i would have 2 intake at the front, 1 exhaust at the back and 2 exhaust at the top. this is the case i want because its clean design and glass panel doesn't show the psu area. i want to see thermals with proper fan config. also no one does thermals with aio coolers or custom loops. no other case is designed as clean in the mATX category except for the h400 but the glass panel shows the psu area and i dont like the cable management thing they have in the front of the case. the enthoo evolv is ok but again has the full glass panel and even worse has a cutout in the psu cover.

  11. KnaGGelMan

    It´s a pity it has the tacky glossy plastic. It shouldn't even be a thing in 2019.

  12. Manuel85

    Why do case manufacturers cheapdown with the fans?

  13. Mitch Mckeiver

    I guess it's for noise purposes but there is a complete lack of cooling. If a $3 eBay fan makes that much difference to temp then they need more fans

  14. EthnoEuropean's CountriesAreBeingInvaded

    Computer-cases with no mesh-front are CRAP!

  15. Haziq Ali

    Basically a h500 from nzxt? I mean thats what these cases remind me of

  16. Ethan L

    Gamers Nexus found that silent cases can actually be louder than more open cases because the fans have to spin so much faster to keep thermals in check

  17. Flötfried Meisenmann

    "i am not stoned" 😉

  18. Sanjay Schrapel

    Got excited when I saw the 5.25" bay but sad when you said the Aussie version won't be coming with that option 🙁

  19. Troy

    they just copy pasted from fractal and added some nzxt to it to save costs of glass .-.

  20. Peter Jansen

    If you want a silent system then you require a good airflow so put a proper side grill on the case through which the front-fans can suck in air. 140 mm fans with silent bearings (2 on the front and one on the back), a PSU with a good 140 mm with silent bearings, a graphics card with a good heatsink and good fans and indeed some foam for the high frequency pitches. It is not difficult, they should quit reinventing the wheel. This case of Coolermaster will work fine with low power hardware but that is not good enough for me, it should also be silent when you put in a 9900k/3950X and Radeon VII.

  21. Joel Ivy

    I like them. I'm not an rgb fan so seeing a steel side panel is great. Also glad to see an optical drive bay. agree on case needing usb 3 also think a usb3.1 would be nice.

  22. Daniel

    The graphs for S600 say S400.

  23. B00tman

    CM STACKER 830 still a great case! Aluminium, mesh top, sides, and front. Removable reversible MB-trey, takes BTX, 4x120mm + 4×120/140mm fans. Show me a better one! Nice video!

  24. daan boer

    RGB makes temps go down 10 degrees….

  25. L.A. Rican

    drought on the reefer out there huh?

  26. sham man

    You said @ 9.01 ebay $3 fan, whats the link for it please

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