Should You Start a Second Channel? | Channel Checkup ft. Ari Fitz

Should You Start a Second Channel? | Channel Checkup ft. Ari Fitz

Want to know what a typical meeting with a Partner Manager is like? The goal of Channel Checkup is to show you how you can analyze your own channel by taking you through a typical meeting with a Partner Manager. In this video, YouTube Partner Manager Meg sits down with YouTube Creator Ari Fitz to go discuss the pros and cons of starting a second YouTube channel, and to answer some of Ari’s questions. Hear Meg’s advice around what questions to ask before starting another channel, how to promote a second channel, and more! Consider how you can take some of these insights and apply them back to your own channel!

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  1. Camera Selebritis

    Thank You YOUTUBE CREATORS, it helps to us. New Creators 😃

  2. Amnan k Desi vlogs


  3. GTR Semut


  4. T N

    Can I just subscribe to a playlist on a channel instead of the whole channel?



  6. Al Chesar3

    Thank's informasi

  7. البيت الصغير

    الفيديو دا فادنى كتير الصراحة
    هعمل كل النصائح اللى قالت عليها فى القناتين بتوعى

  8. The Underground Man

    Go MGTOW boys

  9. jaden folar

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  10. Long Gà Rừng

    Thank you share


    Thank you !

  12. Land Today

    Great to share info

  13. Aisha Ahmed

    Thank you, ! I need some help with my channel! I am afraid someone is doing this on purpose, not sure why and don’t really care! I just want it resolved. Could you please help?

    My channel is new, this is reflecting a bad impression on my channel specially when I am just starting!

    I have been flagged for videos containing contents that may be offensive to some people, I had uploaded videos that had information about fasting for the month of Ramadan!

    Also I have received a strike for uploading a video with copyright issues when I was given permission by the owner of the video production company, I have documents to prove this issue!

    I have a high suspicion of the person who is doing this and doing this to others as well.
    Please could you help me out?

  14. doodle mations

    Thank you so much

  15. mured online

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    Hello YouTube

    My Channel Hacked And Hacker Transfer Primary Ownership To Other Id

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    Hacker Transfer My YouTube Channel To His Google Account and is using the name of

    Jacob Phillips (For now). My all contents are still there though atleast for now

    Please Help Me To Recover My Channel.


    Gabriel M

    True Owner of mured online

    Please help

  16. Zoe Annabelle

    I’m so stuck wether to make a new channel for my vlogs or keep on my current channel, I finally just built up a little audience but vlogs never do as well as my other videos 🤷‍♀️

  17. M4L Save My Music

    Why we spend a lot time with the crazy stuffs

  18. Sandi Prayoga

    hay meg,, who partner manager account youtube on Indonesia?

  19. going easy

    Where can I meet Meg? 😉

  20. Thêm Một Tí

    Thank you Youtube Studio. I'm come from Vietnam. Tôi hi vọng sẽ học hỏi được nhiều điều từ các bạn

  21. Free Game Play

    Bây giờ tôi mới học làm YouTube và đang bắt đầu làm kênh thứ nhất, hy vọng trong tương lai tôi sẽ có kênh thứ hai của mình, cảm ơn YouTube đã cho tôi một cơ hội

  22. MOGame 21

    i think your algorithm is not working properly, you say that in order to be recommended by youtube you should increase the click per impression % but that is not working at all. Honestly can't understand why youtube is favoring bigger channels over small ones and allowing them to post videos that are not compiled with community guidelines and allow them to meta-description and also using tags that are not even close to video subject and worse than that those channel's videos are well promoted while smaller channels with the same things(titles, meta-desc, false tags ) gets shutdown. youtube please if you want only big companies then close all other account and don't allow for new creators. ps: your feedback team don't care about inquiries

  23. Pagong27Gaming

    When a user forgets his/her password, he/she would sometimes make a new account.

  24. Tuna işleyen

    very good. Çok guzel

  25. Untrained Artist

    Sometimes we never know what really works. One of my unexpected video worked well, I was just thinkin not even upload it…

  26. Untrained Artist

    It's the hardest thing…even I dint knew there is a word for this 'channel guilt'…lolz

  27. Kristen Ingold

    I have been wanting to create a new channel but I’m not sure it’s needed. My current channel is a toy review channel that has 100k + subscribers. I want to start reviewing and playing videos games such as fortnite. I just don’t want to start over and build up. Does anyone think I can use my current channel or should I create a new one? Thanks in advance. Any suggestions are appreciated 😀



  29. ssrluckymusic

    Very good

  30. Herşey Doğal

    Güzel ve faydalı bir video olmuş tebrikler..! Congratulations on a nice and useful video ..!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  31. Anti-HyperLink

    Just the first 12 seconds of this video gave me cancer.

  32. Super MomGo


  33. Albanna Group

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