Saigon Jailbreak iOS 12 ✅ Jailbreak Saigon No Computer [UNTETHERED]

Saigon Jailbreak iOS 12 ✅ Jailbreak Saigon No Computer [UNTETHERED]

Saigon Jailbreak iOS 12 ✅ Jailbreak Saigon No Computer [UNTETHERED]

HEy guys what is going on today I will show you all how to install and download the saigon jailbreak for iphone and ios 12 devices! It’s really easy to do and you can even get the jailbreak on saigon with no computer and untethered as well! Also if your saigon jailbreak is not working I have a fix for it as well so Just watch and you will see even if your saigon is not working!

As you guys can tell it’s really useful and saigon jailbreak is amazing so I hope you guys make use of this way to get it without any computer in 2019 right now as it’s an amazing method!

I hope you guys enjoy this saigon jailbreak tutorial! See you all next video bye



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  1. NebulaTV

    Stop botting your videos faggot

  2. Jomana

    Amazing💙, Thanks for sharing this trick with us 😍

  3. Jaime Espinoza

    Wow! this is the glory! following the steps to the letter I have managed to make the jailbreack to my iphone in a quick and easy, I recommend everyone to try because it works wonderful!

  4. REM REM

    It works perfectly for me!

  5. Héctor Ramírez

    Glad that I found this jailbreak without computer. I followed the instructions and this shyt worked perfectly in my device. I wanted Saigon so bad, and free hehehe. Keep on doing stuff like this, hacks for getting free stuff in games and onther platforms. Have a nice weekend. 👍👍

  6. Milos Arsic

    Thanks for this excellent guide! It works just fine

  7. REM 2

    It works perfectly for me!

  8. Goran M

    This is excellent way how to get Saigon Jailbreak, works pefect on my device! Thank you for sharing ☺️ ☺️


    Thank you so much for helping, your tutorials worked 100% with no stress at all


  10. amir youssef

    I just followed the steps and it worked perfectly for me ! Thanks so much for your help👍👍👍


    Great!!! it worked well in my iphone device. than's a lot :))

  12. matrafox

    OMG! I've tried your fix and worked! Always great tips! Thanks🔥🔥🔥


    it did not require any tethering, it worked just fine as shown in the video

  14. Mohssin Ajaiz

    Nice method to Jailbreak Saigon. I will try it now. Thank you for sharing this tutorial 😍😍

  15. Mary Mandit

    This really working. Thanks for sharing this useful and informative video, now I have Saigon Jailbreak on my device! 👍

  16. NNN

    Detailed guide on how to get Jailbreak Saigon !

  17. Noriarkiss Morales

    Excellent and fantastic summary with this fabulous trick. totally genuine and effective. Very good method. It has worked for me 100%. You are a genius.

  18. the moo

    the jailbreak worked just fine for me 👍 👍

  19. the moo

    the jailbreak worked just fine for me 👍 👍

  20. the moo

    the jailbreak worked just fine for me 👍 👍

  21. Javi Santiso

    It is a great help for jailbreaking the iPhone XS. Thanks

  22. Simo Billois

    I honestly didnt expect it will work soo good <3 the best!!1

  23. Movie Land TV

    thanks bro it's really worked for me .. good job

  24. Estevan Sanz

    Saigon jailbreak working in my iPhone XS. Just wonderful!

  25. maxim maxim

    The strong essences are kept in small bottles, this video is perfect 😀😀. Astonishing video for me.

  26. jani rk

    This is very good video about Saigon Jailbreak iOS 12. !! Thanks for sharing !! Cheers !! 👍

  27. dubai times

    thank you for worked perfectly on my ios.👍

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