S40 Racing – The first ever gameplay video on Youtube (+ download link)


  1. Banzeken

    I went ahead and created an image file (.cue/.bin) from my original S40 Racing: The Game CD-ROM: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CRmpXR3VKukOJeUq6wOCHflN2kVhWWSv
    This is all the proof you need that it was indeed sold physically. Unlike the ripped "freeware" version you will most commonly find on the Internet, the CD version features a Reedbook soundtrack (by Olof Gustafsson), an installer plus autorun executable and an opening FMV (may not display correctly on newer video drivers and/or operating systems). Now you can also enjoy this game the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

  2. Matthews Legend pres. Socotra

    The last time I played this game was in Win XP, around 2007 or 08 ', at the time did not give much to repair the cunte of the chart for being 10 years older (1997), it was only gameplay that tested in account, until today I remember That this Volvo game was very, very difficult, kind of like an Arcade or basically like itself. Please if you have a way to play it on Windows 7+, I would be very happy, just yesterday I had downloaded!

  3. Paul Ibanez

    Game reminds me about MotorHead, same developer…

  4. Gamesfetch

    DICE 🙂

  5. jordan virk

    Music? LOVE IT!

  6. Edward

    I like the game, the graphics looks nice and the AI know to drive.

  7. aleks babe

    Taa novata e boje od ovaa garant 🙂 A pak kako se vika pesnava?

  8. Henri Afari

    Woah, this game came out in 1997 and looks really good!!!

  9. thejackal007

    Looks like a decent enough title from long ago.  I wonder what car maker this game was made for… 😉  Weird that Volvo: The Game, also only had 2 tracks in it.

  10. SilverStar TheWheelman

    2:54 rofl…..
    nice one 😀

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