ROLL MIXED RICE PAPER ( Banh Trang Cuon ) – A MUST-TRY FOR SAIGON FOODY – Saigon Cheap Street Food

ROLL MIXED RICE PAPER ( Banh Trang Cuon ) – A MUST-TRY FOR SAIGON FOODY – Saigon Cheap Street Food

Mixed rice paper is one of the well-known Saigon street foods. It is called “Banh trang tron” in Vietnam. This dish attracts kids and people around Vietnam. It is sold on almost every corner of Saigon on some sort of rolling metal cart or sold exclusively by conical hat-donning women carrying weighty baskets over their shoulders.

The recipe of making mixed rice paper is very unique. “Banh trang” refers to the pieces of rice paper which are the steamed rice batter that has been sun-dried. The base of the dish is “Banh trang”, which are cut into strips and kept as dry as a bone. Next, the seller will add the ingredients that usually include (you can add more ingredients if you like):

Dried shrimp
Vietnamese coriander
Hard boiled quail eggs
Shredded green mango, jerky
Squeeze of sour Vietnamese kumquat juice
Green onions or Fried onions
The vendor combines all the ingredients, mix it up and then serves up a portion in a plastic bag or box with two skewers serving as makeshift chopsticks. Besides, she or he will add to the dish a little bit of fried onions to increase the flavour. Especially, the seller will add a lot or a little bit of chilli paste depends on customers’ tastes. The results are a spicy, tangy mixture with a vast array of textures.When you enjoy mixed rice paper, you can feel the unique taste of Vietnamese coriander combine with the sweet and fragrant of jerky, the crispy of rice paper, and greasy of boiled quail egg.

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