Robinson Crusoe Review – with Tom Vasel


  1. raymondspogo

    I just played this game today. Second edition. It was one of those games that I loved playing and the fact that we didn't win (i.e. DIED) 3 times just made us want to play it even more.

  2. Yun Choi

    Oh gosh. I am not the only one was thinking " how am I supposed to win this game"… Gosh. haha

  3. furstyferret81

    I'm kind of new to gaming so watched the instruction video about the game. My god, 45 minute video and I'm completely lost, I think this is better suited to experienced players to be honest! I was looking for a single player game but it's back to Ticket To Ride with the girlfriend for me!!

  4. brad koelewyn

    i hope those eggs aren't going off. There's an "easter egg" for ya

  5. Fluorescent Tip

    That shirt is on point.

  6. Jimmy a Geek

    Why Robinson Crusoe is So Expansive Board Game

  7. Trevor Gunter

    I'm probably the only one who gets really pissed off when they pour out all the components in the box all over the place lol

  8. Alex Meyers

    Was given this as a present recently but haven't had a chance to play yet. Really looking forward to it. Nice work, Tom!

  9. Roamy Bard

    this game looks pretty badass, going to have to check this out..

  10. trickykid3000

    OMG what is with the wooden tokens in al lhtese games??? BOOOOOOOOOORING!!!!

  11. solomon hui

    One of my favourite new buys. Brings everyone together and gives off the sense of urgency and teamwork.


    I was told this was a great solo game.  Would you recommend it solo?  I was looking for the top 5 or 10 best solo games video.  What would your best be?

  13. Ashlee Pradella

    My friend bought this game and I have played it twice, I did the first and second scenario… I wasn't a massive fan (at least of those 2 scenarios) but am going to play out all the scenario's because Tom and Zee like it so much… I'm assuming it gets alot harder on the later scenario's. 

  14. Artem Safarov

    I just started on this game, but I love how the theme was applied as well as the toughness. Cooperative games that don't offer a challenge lose their appeal very quickly.
    Thank you for the review!
    For those who want a good visual guide on how to play there is this :

  15. Andrew

    I like the idea. cooperative though……. I like being able to have a single winner.

  16. frankelee

    I like that shirt.

  17. AohkShadow

    So I've been waiting to get this game. Does anyone have any idea where I can purchase this game for a decent price ($50-$70).? I see it on Amazon for $90 + which is way out of my price range. If anyone could be of assistance it would be most appreciated! Thank you for your time, and Tom I enjoy all your videos! Keep it up.

  18. GrandElemental

    …my god, did you just say 'The Witcher'? From the same designer, really? Okay, that's going to be a must buy, no matter what… can't get much more exciting than that. =)

  19. Jimmy Hudson

    I just picked this up off coolstuffinc and then I checked back and it was already sold out. Excited to get it in and play it!

  20. Staindsoul4life

    Question for you Tom: How do you teach a game of this complexity and know which gaming group would have the patience and sufficient attention span to hold on to the very end of game explanation? Maybe a video on the subject would be cool.

  21. TyrionXavier

    Then you're playing it wrong

  22. DragNIKla

    i cant find this game anywhere i really want it. all website have no set release date but will gladly take my money. where can i get a copy

  23. wraithxxiv

    you can pre-order it at miniaturemarket's website

  24. AohkShadow

    When will this board game be in stock?!

  25. Skull Illusion

    Iggrassil is not hard :/ I beat it with ALL the cards included almost 100% of the time.

  26. FujinBeatz

    Cool game. And nice shirt;)

  27. Jake K

    don't egg him on

  28. The frenchy

    i didnt know you could keep EGGS with you boardgames … is it somekind of guru trick ?

  29. SoulGuile

    another great review that makes me wanna buy another game. and I just started

  30. MrJenssen

    It's honestly nice to know in advance when I order a game, if I need to order a bunch of little fish-bait boxes and foam inserts aswell. It's not as much about whether it would affect my decision of whether or not to purchase the game, as it is about the overall impression.

  31. mns000001

    Would that affect your decision on whether or not you were going to buy it?

  32. MrJenssen

    Hey Tom! When reviewing games with tons of different tokens and cards and so on – like Robinson Crusoe – Could you please quickly make a point about the game box too? Some games are great with their inserts, some have almost nothing at all so you're forced to put everything in bags or make your own system (Descent 2nd edition, I'm looking at you!), and for a lot of people the latter is quite annoying. I personally would love to know what the boxes/inserts look like, thanks. 🙂

  33. waterwixxxer

    Preordered it Gray Thursday

  34. Julian Dale

    See everyone in march. 🙁

  35. Peter Schott

    The game sounds interesting to me. I read through the designer diary and it sounds like in the original versions it was basically just a guaranteed way to die. The event cards coming back and reacting to your choices is an interesting mechanic. It's on my "to play" list, though I doubt I'd get a copy for our family and group.

  36. GrandElemental

    I haven't tried the game myself, but check out Ricky Royal's playthrough here on Youtube (…/user/rickkcroyal). It´'s very informative and entertaining to watch.

  37. justcarryonnow

    I enjoy coops and Euros and this looks like a good game that I would play. One aspect I do not enjoy in coops is the "Leader"(one person) taking over the game. I can see this happening in this game.

  38. jaxommm

    Is this a great solo game? Looks like a pumped version of Friday at first glance.

  39. Ariadne Chance

    I guess that's why Arkham, Horror is so popular!

  40. anadea

    My favourite game this year. We bought it at the games comvention in Essen. It' also great for two players which I love.

  41. Stasia Doster

    I already have this game on preorder and am anxiously awaiting its arrival!

  42. Becki Kaze

    AUTO…BUY! 🙂

  43. Raphaelus13

    Two cooperative games based on the Crusoe story came at the same time. The other one was by a Spanish designer I think. Awkward.

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