[RM 139] RM Members Get Back Hug


  1. Syarin Azline

    Go ara so beautiful…

  2. Green Ranger

    Jihyo more beautiful than other girls

  3. Jezidca

    HAHA reaction 🤣

  4. mea naam goh

    running men❤️

  5. Random

    the next scene is more funny HAHAHAHA because got lovee triangle from seokjin, jaesuk n kwangsoo HAHAHAHA

  6. Stephone Cloud

    Ji hyo looks so young here… Hehe..

  7. kuku besi

    Lucky jong kook.. Man know how lucky he is

  8. coldplayer

    Lucky KJK !!

  9. Zikry 97

    Gary partner who is she… So beautiful

  10. Sedan Flow

    Jealous with a girl who hug kokiee 😭😭

  11. Mizz Amnesia

    Always ji hyo & haha 😅😂

  12. Nurrae Azlin

    i love Haha reaction when he saw Jihyo ..and he put his hand on Jihyo shoulder .really like brother n sister..

  13. MytH AnGeL

    Best part Go ara shouting oppa and back hugging KJK

  14. Ruslan Invest

    Garry is the one lucky guy. That girl is very beautifull 👍🏻

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