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Ripple XRP: David Schwartz Just Invented the Stable Coin Sorry Facebook

David Schwartz just invested an XRP backed stable coin that could facilitate the trading of world asset without the need for trust or custody of assets.

XRP Ledger Stablecoin Proposal

Kung Fu Nerd: XRP All Your Base Are Belong to Us – XRP the Base

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  1. Be free

    The longer this bear market last…the more people will be out of crypto and not trusting it anymore… so…come on…the price must go up now!!

  2. rob andone

    The concept of XRP as a stable coin is entirely to complex and frankly unnecessary. We can just digitize a dollar instead of pegging something to a dollar. Stable coins are pointless that’s why they will never be fully adopted.

  3. Matthew Pecorella

    It’s happening!!! A RIPPLE effect is being created throughout the globe, preparing everyone for mass adaption. The wheel has been set in motion and there is NO stopping this. Faith, patience & gratitude is what’s needed, keeping our eyes on the goal.

  4. BearishOnXRP

    Now I heard this I did a selloff and now only have 20% of my portfolio in XRP as heres the thing ODL will run on the stable coin to keep trades cheap and XRP wont be touched by this.

  5. Jeffrey Hernandez

    Plenty of $hitcoins talk a big game, but xrp has real world utility and growing use cases. It's a beautiful thing to behold!

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