Review / Salty Dogs by Dan


  1. Andrew Cirigliano

    Hey Ole Berg! Just getting a chance to comment on this one. Nice review! Thanks for sharing. This is def one that I am enjoying and wish was easier to get in the states. Another one that feels like you need to buy up when it comes in once a year. Wow, that knife is sharp, I know how dense those plugs are and that beauty cut it pretty easily! I need to get a better knife for plugs like this. I know a lot of folks like the Opinel knives for cutting plugs. Hope you are doing well. Have a great week. Happy smokes and take care!

  2. Andrew Cirigliano

    Great review as always Ole Berg! Really enjoy the Salty Dogs and I have to say I think I need to get myself a new knife! That knife looked like it was cutting butter, lol. Hope you are doing well. You gonna make it to Chicago this year? Best wishes!

  3. Big O

    The pipes and the square plug tobacco looked nice. I enjoyed the video. Thumbs up my friend!

  4. Big O

    I chewed tobacco in the past : Redman, Levi Garrett, Kentucky Twist, Lancaster, Bull of the Woods, etc…

  5. Big O

    I love coffee. I use an old percolator to make mine.

  6. Big O

    Have no fear! Big O is here!

  7. DriveShaft Drew

    thumbs up and shared who dont love coffee lol sounds like a very interesting taste on that tobacco i see your starting to collect stickers if you want mine email me your address i just looked i thought i had sent you one guess i did not my email is driveshaftdrew@gmail .com

  8. Bremen Pipe Smoker

    Always good to see you, my friend!
    Yeah…the salty dog is a North German classic…for sure! (DE means "Deutschland")… Thank you so much for sharing your opinion on that! Right on spot…as always, brother!
    Take care! Let me know, if there is anything, I can send you!
    Take care! Be well!

  9. 907 Piper

    Nice review, I been eyeing this one up. Thanks for the video!😎🤙🏼

  10. LaDon Mott

    Hi Todd.Great Video as allways My Friend.I will be Watching For your next video.
     The Salty Dogs is a very good plug to smoke.I like it a lot.
     Enjoy a pipe and some good tobacco on me until next time.
     Will see you on house party soon.
     I hope all is well with you and the family to.
     And Allway's Take Care And God Bless You Briar Blade Sweet Smokes

  11. Tomas Callheim

    Salty dog is a very good blend, one of my favorit blend. I order it from germany to me here in sweden.
    Take care .

  12. CalDelta Steve

    I had to turn away for a second there Berg, I'm glad to see you only cut the plug😀 I like flake tobacco but I've never tried plug before, I'll have to check it out. Thanks Berg! BTW, I watch Calvin all the time, he's a great person and friend✌️

  13. Pipin Cpl

    It’s about time for morel Mushrooms ole buddy starting to find a few little grays in Illinois

  14. Pipes And kayaks

    Berg!! I'm so glad you did this review..I was able to get some a while back and haven't tried it yet…the cave really came together….I want to wish you and Ms Rhonda a great Easter take care brother see you soon 👍 😁 😁

  15. Yorkshire Posse

    Yep, that's a must-try. Very cool baccy with a great flavor. I don't dry it either. Have a good one!

  16. Pipin Cpl

    Good to see ya ole buddy

  17. Peg Leg Piper

    Glad you enjoy that baccy my friend. Take care!!

  18. Carolina Smoker

    Nice review bro! I’m gonna try to get some! Take care bro!


    Great review & tobacco buddy 👍

  20. Andy Hratko

    Berg! Good review brother!

  21. Pipesmoker Cowboy Chris

    Great to see you ole buddy. Great video as always. Hopefully one day I'll be back to making videos. Just haven' wanted to do much of anything. Still struggling, but having a good bowl of something or a good cigar. Also not having the extra money right now to do anything hasn't helped either. Right now I don't have any cigars, but sometimes I'll buy 3 or 4 sticks. I am still watching videos. Watching a lot of painting videos and trying to get back to painting and also ham radios.

  22. Ghost Cob

    Good review ole boy. I may just have to try it. Thanks for sharing. Keep em burning and blessings from Gettysburg Pa.

  23. Jeremy Larsen

    Good review buddy 🙂 Have a good one!

  24. The Bayou Guru

    Sounds right up my alley

  25. Lefty68

    Great review! I have to agree that this is a really nice tobacco and I’m gonna get some more next time I see it in stock. Make sure you stay off the hospital end of that knife! Lol! Happy puffin’ to ya!

  26. John Lofland

    Great Review Brother!

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