This is a comprehensive Flight Review of Japan Airlines Brand New Airbus A350-900 from Tokyo Haneda (HND) to Fukuoka (FUK) on JL303 featuring their Business Class cabin as well as Service, Food and First Class!

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  1. Josh Cahill

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  2. AviationFlyer

    Lol 94 seats is the number of premium economy seats Singapore Airlines has on its Ultra Ling Range A350!

  3. c

    nice video but this is Japan and individual privacy is really important so next time you should try and blur out the other ppl's faces i.e. the guy sitting next to you.

  4. Elyas Yusuf

  5. SahanTheMighty

    No food 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  6. Worldaviation 4K

    I just flew it today. No food, i was shocked and no business class lounge to use at Fukuoka.

  7. William Lau

    Glad JAL got its first Airbus. I am a bit disappointed that they didn't opt for the individual air vent which is available on A350. Japan in general can be very hot and humid, you'd think air vent would be a necessity.

  8. 陳力維


  9. Ethan Hutsell

    why did you put music during the takeoff??? 😭😭😭😭

  10. Debora Gultom

    I thought u took an economy seat.

  11. Sumrit Deetharit

    Nice to watch andddd you looks good in the vid.

  12. 阿部優貴

    This is not business class but “Class J” which is only offered on domestic flights. The concept of Class J is more like premium economy class with no food service or lounge access.

    JAL provides much better business class service with fully flat seats on international flights. They are also planning to launch international-use A350 aircrafts in the near future, so you maybe will have an opportunity to review the true JAL A350 business class:)

    You can check out the differences on their websites↓

    Business Class(International):

    Class J(Domestic):

  13. Iskandar Koesnandar

    I was suprised that the business class is like that. Hahaha…and served coffee. I think Garuda Indonesia served better hehehehe

  14. 김누리

    Can you do Airbus A350 in Asiana Airlines review?

  15. Jason Owen

    You know when aviation vloggers are struggling to think of things to upload when you get vlogs like this.

  16. Christopher Teasdale

    Can you do fly be

  17. KeremBey

    Love you josh from istanbul 😊👍

  18. Ram Hitesh

    Waiting For Upcoming PIA 😂😂😂😂

  19. Ram Hitesh

    Why You Are Not been With Thai Smile Airline?

  20. Atsuki

    Josh, I’m so glad you review this Japan Airlines A350
    you mentioned that seat is business class, but it’s actually “ class J” which is available if you put +¥1,000 (like US$10) on the fare of Economy class fare. I would say it’s like a premium economy not business, that’s why they don’t serve you any sandwich and just only coffee 🙂

  21. Etika Gupta

    Your Spicejet video was in my recommendation and I watched it and literally agree on how crap that airline is and then thought of binge-watching as usual and Guess What?
    the first thing comes is Spicejet ad. 😂😂

  22. dtw777

    I'd love to try this out when I go to Hokkaido (CTS) again in the future.

  23. 玲輔

    Josh, it isn't Business Class, but Class J.

  24. PhoenixMM

    Business class with only coffee 🤨 I wonder if economy class even get toilet paper lol

  25. N D

    Vistara serves full hot meal in Business on a 45 min flight and snack boxes with sandwich and cookies in PE and E

  26. Fillip Sheynkman Stensli

    Pls do a review on air Greenland a330

  27. Lee Claxton

    I always enjoy a new Josh Cahill video. I would love to fly JAL A350. :O

  28. spinalcrackerbox

    It should be pointed out that the domestic ANA lounge at Haneda has no food at all. So, that ties in to no meal service on this flight (I`ve flown Oita to Osaka Itami & Haneda to Chitose (Sapporo) with no snacks or meals served and that must mean that it's a Japanese standard approach. Better load up on your favorite foods before a domestic flight in Japan.

  29. Cyril Uebbing


  30. NeilPrasad 1905

    it actually Domestic First Class, Class J and Economy.

  31. PK Gamer Remix Song

    I like video you

  32. Eric Law

    Nice flight .


    When are you going Air peace. Watching all the adverts on your channel. Good job 👏

  34. Alberto Kanan Farca

    Still waiting for the 737 of aeromexico!!!

  35. Darren Loftus

    I flew London to Tokyo on JAL economy earlier in March and it was fantastic. The food, service, cabin and entertainment was of a very high standard. Please go on another JAL flight

  36. Jason Merrill

    Ok! But I'm a foodie! Must have food! Lol At least a breakfast buffet before boarding. Especialy paying for business class.

  37. The Coldest water

    Please do a flight review on the new royal air Maroc b787-9

  38. Hung Quang

    I like you video………Thax…..

  39. JackNo Legs

    But why have an ife on a short domestic flight

  40. Airplane Channel Japan

    Welcome to Tokyo 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵

  41. IdoNOThaveaBoss

    Ahh that new airplane smell

  42. Daniel Allen

    The Tokyo to Fukuoka route is quite popular and important for business in Japan which would be a reason behind the vast number of business class seats. Unfortunately JAL and ANA don’t serve any meals on their domestic routes.

  43. Faisal Subagja


  44. KM Upadhyay

    Singapore airline first class

  45. Philip Shore

    I quite enjoy your videos for the most part because they are well researched, interesting and well photographed. It is unfortunate that you are misrepresenting your flight above with the title and dialogue. As has been pointed out by many others, you might acquaint yourself with the JL website The only service is a smile and thimble/dixie cup of drink. They used to hand out rice crackers but that ended in the 90's. Class J , where you were seated, is nothing more than what is now a premium economy seat with leg rest and a bit more room, there is no service difference between Class J and regular Y. If you want food and drink you need to fly JL First. You can use the lounge with that fare class or if you have status with JL or OW .You needn't be disingenuous, it's not a good look………

  46. Artisto81 AKA Meong Garong

    I just watched a video from different reviewer last night, apparently JAL’s domestic business class is premium economy on their long haul international flights, while their domestic first class is business class on long haul flights….

  47. Terry Highwell

    Sorry Josh, for domestic services in Japan, J class is "almost" equivalent to premium economy for international routes, and does not offer meal services (premium economy on JAL international routes has more amenities and meals). What you referred to as first class on your flight, is about the same as most first class flights in the US, especially with respect to seating. Like most US airline first class flights (except some transcontinental US routes such as LA to NY where beds are being installed), JAL has meals and snacks in "domestic first class" that are provided according to time of day and duration of the flight.

    Domestic air services in Japan are usually of shorter duration, so both JAL and ANA basically "pack their fights" with much higher capacity than their planes flown on international routes. As a comparison, business class on JAL and ANA international flights have an unusually higher capacity than other foreign carriers, while the economy cabin is much smaller. The plane you flew domestically will not see international service unless the seating is changed, meaning the installation of international business class seat compartments, and the removal of a lot of economy seats (similar to other foreign carriers, first class is usually offered only to high revenue business centers for JAL and ANA). Just take an international flight on JAL or ANA and you will see the rather stark difference in seating, meals/snacks, amenities, etc., versus domestic services.

  48. Its Hariz

    The person beside you lmao

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