Return to M43?! Panasonic 8 -18 mm f/2.8-4 Lens Review by Darren Miles

Return to M43?! Panasonic 8 -18 mm f/2.8-4 Lens Review by Darren Miles

– Southwest Florida Portrait, Wedding, Family and Real Estate Photographer.

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Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8 PRO HERE:

Laowa 7.5mm f/2 HERE:

Laowa 7.5mm f/2 ULTRALIGHT HERE: ps://


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  1. John Dunkle

    Nice of you to finally review this lens. I shoot M43 and Real Estate commercially and this is one of the "go to lenses" since purchasing in 2017. Your review is only a couple of years late? It replaced my Lumix 7-14mm on Olympus bodies for obvious reasons with this lens. By the way, not that you'll care – I don't follow your channel anymore, since your "click-bait" video with the "Angry Idiot" (I "Unsubscribed" with that one – suspect I'm not alone either?), but curiously, this review showed up in my YT feed? When/if you get back to doing what you "did best" – maybe I'll re-subscribe.

  2. Jonathan Dearth

    @DarrenMiles – Do you find yourself having to denoise just about every shot with the GH5? I started real estate video with the release of the GH5, then got sick of how noisey the video was because it was taking forever to edit due to the extra processing with neat video so… I switched to Sony and never looked back. Recently I wanted to get into 4k60 on a project, bought a GH5 and the Olympus 7-14 Pro and the video is just garbage compared to my Sony cameras in terms of noise. If I am out doors in excellent light at ISO 200, there is still discernible noise in the image but its not bad enough I would feel the need to denoise. Are you dealing with the same issue with your videos?

  3. Greg Wallace

    Hello- If you had a Panasonic G9 and money was not an issue, which ultra wide lens would you buy….the Panasonic 8-18mm f/2.8-4 or the Olympus 7-14 2.8 pro and why? Thank you for your time.

  4. Alexander Stehle

    And now back on m4/3 ???!??


    Very good Review! You should try/test the New 10-25mm f1.7.

  6. Alex Lac.

    My only complaint of this lens is that it doesn't produce nice sunstar

  7. Jaden Fox

    Tired of going back and forth between oly and this 8-18. Im going to be doing luxury real estate videos using gh5. More walk through interview (agent and interviewer) style videos with broll shots. What would you pick? Extra width (7) and f2.8 all the way through OR step-less aperture and easy filter screw? Thanks for the help!

  8. Lars Jørgensen

    i myself use both Nikon D810 plus Olympus omd cameras and for real estate shots, i struggle with the ISO performance on M4/3. but good to see you making it work well.

  9. Duarte Bruno

    Very good lens review.
    I can see how RE photography can be a profession in FL though, as it's eye dropping to see how much money was thrown away into these pretentious but ultimately questionable tasteless mansions in a country that brought us Lloyd Wright and Gehry, just to name a pair. :O

  10. G-God Gaming

    Dude your looking really well lost a shit load of weight well done also great video

  11. Joshua Bellingham

    Just wait until you try the Lumix 10-25mm f1.7…you'll be blown away!

  12. phijayman

    I like your review style and I hope you will review the Lumix S1H too, as soon as it is available!

  13. Mike Moir

    Have missed your frequent 4/3 reviews,Darren. Am still a fan of Oly gear & use it a lot  Even the old original 4/3 glass along with some Super High Grade lenses like the 7-14 F 4.0 & the 14-35mm F2.0. The old E-500's & others in the series still produce very well. Thoughtful of you to still spend the time for a new Oly lens review what with your Sony & real estate success. See why you'd opt for the 7-14 over the 8-18. The old 8mm fish-eye is super too.

  14. Bruno Sousa

    Nice review Darren, Thank you!

  15. Kyle Tyndall

    What is the song at 12 seconds?

  16. Kez

    Crew, aka, one bloke with Adobe premiere lol

  17. Antoine Veling

    I thought my mouse had gone crazy but it was that water dripping in the background at the start of the video…

  18. Justin McCoy

    I'm spoiled, I did my first real estate gig with this lens.

  19. Lama Steve

    Lumix S1 is the new leader !

  20. Erik Luken

    Prefer the pana 7 14 over the 8 18 for real estate.

  21. Kent Goodwin

    Good review and very informative video. I’m very much a amateur (probably more novas level to be honest), but I added this lens to my kit about 7 mouths ago, where it sat at the bottom of my bag. I recently rediscovered this lens and used it over the 4th and captured some very nice fireworks and astrophotography. I was very pleased with the results. Thanks for video! Best wishes from “ sunny Colorado.”

  22. Marc

    M4/3 is unfairly decried. I changed my unreliable and not ergonomic Sony A7RIII for a Panasonic G9 ; and I discovered how great M4/3 is. The G9 is certainly the most complete body I ever owned in 35 years of photographie. And some lenses like the 12-40 or the 75 Olympus are really impressive. I've never regretted neither my A7RIII nor my Leica M240. Maybe some lenses, like the summilux 50 or the 135 Batis. But they don't play in the same category.

  23. John B

    I have the Olympus 7-14 and a Cokin filter holder setup for it. It's kind of a pain, but it's a wonderful lens. This lens wasn't around when I bought that.

  24. Dean Hood

    Next up. The Panasonic 10-25mm 1.7

  25. Macro Cosmos Microscopy

    Those are some nice houses I would never afford.

  26. simianinc

    Hi Darren if you want something wider go for the new Panasonic Leica 10-25 f1.7

  27. mediamannaman

    Thanks for reviewing a MFT lens.

  28. Wil Gong

    Thanks for sharing your opinions, I still need a wide angle, my Nikon 14-24 is too heavy for travel photography. I love M 4/3 for the portability and size. Great review.

  29. Steve Vansak

    Even in mirror less it’s possible to get a bad copy of a lens, hence those focus issues. Nonetheless, it was great to see your RE work again and those spectacular Florida homes. The images look great as always. Don’t forget live composite for light painting on those Oly bodies!!

  30. Bjørn Hagen Aakre

    I got this lens 3 months ago, and love it. For more run and run shooting and filming, its perfect when paired with the 12-35mm f2.8..

  31. Steve Ferneyhough

    Good review Darren, in rainy Florida! This does look a decent lens for your type of work on the MFT system. My main concern would be how the AF 'misses' sometimes. I have had this issue on my Panasonic/Olympus systems previously so I actually got rid of it all & went back to my Nikon DSLR for wildlife photography/filming. The phase detection is so much quicker and nails most shots more accurately. Depends on what your needs are of course.

  32. David Harrison

    Biggest mistake I made was getting rid of my mft system.

  33. b Tommy Douglas

    thanks for the review…. this lens would a nice addition to my little mft kit! greetings from sunny Southern California.

  34. Steve Kunder

    Thanks, I have really missed your M43 stuff.

  35. Zardos Spinosa

    oh yea, my new house, do people actually own houses like that?

  36. Shiznuts

    Ah, good to see you throwing MFT some love still.
    Tbh, when Panasonic announced the new Leica f/2.8-4 zoom series (there's also a 12-60 and 50-200mm) and the first reviews came out, I wasn't a fan of what I was seeing. There was non of that premium character we've come to know from say their legendary 42.5mm f/1.2. But then again I guess different lenses built for a different purpose. I sorta refused to buy a lens that's more than a thousand bucks, but given it's not a prime but a zoom, covering multiple focal lengths/lenses, back a few years ago I went and bought the Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8 PRO the moment it got out. One thing to really mention there… the Olympus hasn't got a filter thread! (But there are a couple of 3D print plans/3rd party offerings out there) The optical quality is amazing though and it's rectilinear by design, much like the wide angle Laowa 7.5mm f/2 MFT, meaning: straight lines! Great for impressive landscape photography and of course… real-estate assignments.

  37. zeep

    It seems the 10-25mm f1.7 is one of the killer successor of this nice lens. What is your recommendation? :p

  38. Skyler King

    Darren, I know this is off subject, but I just noticed that you link to your Instagram in the video description. I checked it out and… well, you know…

  39. Noealz - Rain Photographer

    Panasonic gets things right – this is one of em. Pretty good lens

  40. Kevin Parratt

    Thanks for this Darren.
    I was looking for any sign of distortion in those interiors and saw none. Has any been corrected out?
    If only more people would take the same care to level their cameras. Your images are a pleasure to behold.
    I could use this lens for some artwork reproduction, at least for catalogues.
    ( For larger scale and archival storage I always record on large-format film and leave hi-end scanning to a pro lab if required.)
    Aside from camera work, your lighting is … well, you're an artist Darren. ♡

  41. MukilteoSailor

    Great video Darren. I have the Olympus 7-14mm lens as this lens was taking it sweet time coming to market. A big plus the Panasonic lens had going for it was that you could screw a filter directly on it as opposed to needing an adapter like the Olympus did.

  42. adamaj

    I was recently in the market for a dedicated video camera. After much research I pulled the trigger on the Fujifilm X-T3. Out of everything I watched and read, the takeaway was that the Fuji was all around a better camera. Not only can it also shoot 4K/60fps, it can do it at as higher bit rate and as Log. The autofocus is the best out of anyone right now, after the recent firmware update (it has face and eye detect and lets you switch eyes). You can even use Fuji's professional cinema line of lenses. The only two knocks I hear about it is the LCD screen does't swivel (for vlogging), and no in body stabilization. As far as the screen, I use an external when I'm shooting video. And my lenses have stabilization, so no worries there. And if I'm hand holding I'll have it on a gimbal anyway. And as a camera it's excellent too. 26 MP sensor. I have a D800, a D500 and the Fuji X-T3 and I'd put the image quality at much better than the D500 and slightly worse than the D800 and really only if you're pixel peeping or make massive prints (which is saying something because the D800 is still up there at the top with big boys as far as image quality).
    I'm telling you man, I've been a Nikon guy my whole life and I find myself picking this little Fuji up more and more. I did pick up the vertical grip for the extra two batteries and size increase but I still haven't purchased any new lenses. Check out the X-T3, it's a beast!

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