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Prince Harry Snaps Back at Reporter for Unscheduled Question | E! News

The Duke of Sussex visits a health clinic in Malawi when Sky News journalist Rhiannon Mills catches the royal off guard. See Harry’s snippy remark!

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Prince Harry Snaps Back at Reporter for Unscheduled Question | E! News


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  1. Fly by night

    Look what they did to Diana. And she was a white aristocratic 20 yr old virgin. I knew Meghan would get bashed but the things being said are just horrendous. People are really sick and twisted.

  2. Fly by night

    He hasnt snapped. Hes just tired of all the bullshit being said about his wife and is out to protect her. I would be too. This couple have been butchered since day one. Especially her. Absolutely discusting.

  3. Teresita Fewre

    Some time Harry and Meghan should understand the media just do there job don’t think so if they do a news if they don’t have nothing to news’s Meghan want attention in the world cuz try to be like Diana . But Diana she did not do action that people don’t like only when time she Devorce Charles. but whe n she was married never do action that people don’t like her. she never get a private plane and against the protocol. Like hide the baby. To pub like she got that problem she payed for it. And She make Harry angry without media they nothing.

  4. Zena Fanom

    Brought up in the palace but behaves like a common street punk. Sleazy, useless, good -for-nothing cocaine snorting, alcoholic Harry.

  5. John Cassim

    Good one Prince Harry that woman reporter os just like piers morgan good for the Prince… shouting like a fool no respect its a disgrace what a stupid reporter you need to get manners and you reporters are to to much you need tp learn manners.. im so happy i hope that woman gets dired.. andbits not Duchess Meghan deserves to be treated with respect.. you reporters are useless.. you all confused. They don't need the press they don't need you at all you need them remember that they Royals don't need you or your sick reporting.

  6. Celestial View

    Reporter this is what they do this is their job. The fact that they have to schedule questions that the questions were probably submitted for Harry’s approval is absolutely ludicrous where does somebody get this kind of t’preferential treatment? Is attack on the media was ill timed iand rather out of place considering where they were. His comparison of Megan to his mother is insulting and reprehensible Diana was not killed by the press and she was killed by a drunk driver yes she was hounded by the press but she also uses the press. Megan has done everything she can to get attention of the press to go to the Wimbledon clears out all the seats and says I want my privacy no one take pictures of me where does this kind of censorship get credence in this world they want gag orders and they want to cultivate their own side of things. i don’t see that question iThat reporter asked was so offensive all you have to do is say well we’ll talk about that later or something I can’t talk right now or something. Where does he get off? And this lawsuit against the press ? I don’t know anybody who’s got the worst Press and Camila Parker Bowles. I’m not a fan of hers but the press I’ve been making up all kinds of stories about her and saying all kinds of terrible things about her and she has maintained her silence and dignity and never address this. Harry wants everybody to do what he says is not what he does I’m disgusted with a pair of them they are narcissistic and opportunistic.

  7. Wendy Ferguson

    You know I think GONE ARE THE DAYS of the royalty being AYTHING SPECIAL.  They are PUBLIC SERVANTS, they are paid by the PUBLIC, serve THE PUBLIC, and owe their living to THE PUBLIC? If they think that asking a question is anything harmful, BOO BLODDY HOO!!!!THEY ARE JUST HUMAN BEINGS LIKE ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING, NOT ANYTHING SPECIAL BUT SERVING THE PUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ann mcintosh

    Harry has been through a emotional time walking through the ground his mum walked
    Do you think he is going to talk about his private life in public? Good on you Duke of sussex. It will come out in time. Give them a break.
    Why do the Sussex have to explain everything they do to you news media,so you can put your spin on it,and take what's said out of context.

  9. sparhawk

    Its all the lies that the people don't like about them. Showing a baby doll and all the other things they have done. Trying to fool the people. People are not liking them because of this. Doesn't have any thing to do with the press…… It is their acts period…………………..Why not just be truthful, then people might like you. To much water under this bridge to ever recover. Shame on them for all the ugly they have done….Now want to blame the press. Got to blame someone….They need to blame their self…….Because they done it to their self……….

  10. sandra pires

    Youtube no longer puts video dates. In a while no one will be understanding anything, especially videos that have no comments.

  11. kinda jabbour

    watch the video with tye bishop and archie she was doing things on purpose whenever he started chatting with the bishop and tickling archie towards the camera so he gives noises and laughs while his prince poor dad just opened his mouth !!such respectful wife and guess what he was nevet loke that tense but she over hammered him with her stressful self obsession

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