Pocket Operator Modular 400 — My Opinion

Pocket Operator Modular 400 — My Opinion

My opinion on the PO Modular 400. I am a bit underwhelmed. Sponsored by Reverb.com:

PO400 video by DivKid:

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  1. BoBeats

    Note: you can use an external power supply for it. So if this is a deal breaker for you know that it can be done.

  2. Seekthetruth3000

    I love the happy color. Too many synths have that ugly black color. Nice demo.😊😊😊😊😊

  3. Phil Thompson

    I was excited when I saw this but I imagined it would be around 150-200 Euros. 550 is laughable for a synth that has the build quality of a toy. I also think it's a bit of a stretch to claim you build it yourself out of flat pack modules – as far as I can see it's one solid unit, right?

  4. Peter L

    Thank you for such a truthful review.

  5. corzakk zakkcor

    I watched this video and was convicted not to get one of these ,then I watched Baseck on it and I want one tomorrow!!

  6. Vigilance Brandon

    For starting modular, check out the AE Modular systems!

  7. Cooper of Navarone

    The AE Modular is a full on modular system, just not in eurorack format. I've been using mine a lot. The Master I/O module that comes with either system has a midi to cv converter and makes it usable right out of the box.
    I had high hopes getting the AE and I must say I couldn't be happier with it. Sounds amazing!

  8. Kelly Merrill

    When is the soft-serve extruder module coming out?

  9. Kelly Merrill

    Looks like sci fi scrap metal

  10. brian r

    They really shine when making samplers like the ko33 has been so tremendous they are hard pressed to keep it in stock as soon as the ko33 is in stock its flown right off the shelf again.

  11. Erich Nolan Bertussi

    you check this or see this bo? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=563&v=qNhMRCo6RHQ

  12. rhampton1914

    I still like it..Sounds absolutely amazing….I would buy in a heart beat…I can't wait to get..Awesome Review & thanks for your honest opinion….The Sound & Demos is really what convinced me..i can work around those other issues..

  13. the sodium lights

    more style over practicality from TE. Happy you & Ricky T. flagged up some pretty deal-breaking drawbacks.

  14. Christo Roppolo

    With the WMD monolith in the background! Peace Christo 👽🎶

  15. cryptout

    summary: it’s annoying 👍

  16. Great is the World

    Coffee table book is such a great analogy. But that really really makes me think, …on those terms, is that…fine, though? As an illustrator and non-musician, I find it appealing (if a bit expensive) as a piece of furniture that harbors a wealth of sounds. Like an electric wardrobe to a sonic Narnia. What the hell I actually like it more now

  17. RUSTiK Inc

    Thumbs up. At times I have felt you "love on" everything…..so I have some new respect and admiration for you and your channel for reviews. Great job! I always want to love TE products so I feel your pain in saying what you said! Thumbs up

  18. ganjabudweedful

    Why would anybody choose this over AE modular?

  19. meerkatz

    just looks nice!

  20. Cirque Du Opinion

    Add reverb

  21. Integratemac

    Thanks for the honesty.

  22. x xx

    I think AE modular won this game

  23. TROGULAR 10,000

    Teenage Engineering has made some very cool things like OP-1 and the pocket operators but the OP-Z and this are just plain weird, like they're trying too hard. For one thing they're obsessed with everything being small. Why? Is their interface savvy not applicable to bigger formats? They should make an update to the OP-1, possibly with the keyboard version and compete with Digitone Keys or whatever it's called.

  24. Peter Mossberg

    Says bad things, its ok

  25. JohnnyBgood

    This is all very good to know! Thanks man!

  26. Rodrigo Villeda

    You and Hainbach are my favorite insta-youtubers. I think both of you are eloquent but with humility. And that’s make you both kind of great people.
    What’s your perception of the op1? Have you tried it?

  27. Chris Lynch

    Yellow knobs blending into the yellow case doesn’t help. 1st impression it sounds like the volca modular and that was a little disappointing.

  28. TTH

    It looks like Lego. But if Lego made modular I reckon it'd do more than that, LOL

  29. Tim J Bell

    Thanks for an honest review. It's hard not to be lured into buying every TE product based on appearance alone honestly. I'm looking at the modules in this thing and it just seems like it cost more and has considerably fewer features than almost every other semi-modular synth out there. My recommendation for getting into modular is Minibrute 2 with a Rackbrute. I don't care much for the Minibrute 2 as an instrument but it does an excellent job of covering the basics (3x lfos, envelope, robust control of internal oscillators, etc.). I guess I have you to thank for me going the Rackbrute route and grabbing the essential Mutable modules first (clouds, rings, plaits…still need elements). 😛 Keep up the good work Bo.

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