Pipe Rolling Offset | Piping Analysis

Pipe Rolling Offset | Piping Analysis

this video is about pipe rolling (Offset), how pipe rolled in different direction and how to read in isometric & Plan view.

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  1. Piping Analysis

    kindly suggest us for the next video here.

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    How to take measurement of rolling pipe

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    Các bạn muốn tìm hiểu đọc bản vẽ PID và tìm hiểu về thiết bị trong công nghiệp dầu khí, các bạn qua channel của mình cùng thảo luộn nha.

  9. Tauhid Alam

    Pls explain all about different piping drawing & their calculations.. Part by part

  10. karikalan g

    Is there any software is available for this drawing or we have to do in autocad?? …

  11. D Gangadhr

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  13. CCK 07

    Excellent video. Does pipe rolling has any effect on process (fluid characteristics)? Thanks for your valuable time.

  14. Gopal Chowdhury

    Pipe joint position gaf. Added our v degree

  15. بو فارس بو نورا

    We like your video .

  16. weepee zurc

    sir how do u get 866 for that travel f u have given of both 45 deg..? thank u..

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    Sir ye dubble rolling me elbow ki digress kia hai plz sir.
    I'm confused.

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    Please add more about GA to iso

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  23. Tauhid Alam

    Sir can u pls ellaborate rolling drawing in details with original p&id..we'll be able to understand bettr..plss

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    i am not understanding please elaborate

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